Use Hair Clippers At Home To Keep Him Groomed

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If you are like most women, you probably have your own arsenal of hair styling tools. You may have a hair straightener, a hair dryer and a curling iron. These are all popular tools that are extremely useful for creating beautiful hair styles. If you look over on your husband’s side of the bathroom counter, what type of hair tools does he have? For some men, they may have their own hair dryer, but often that is it.

It’s true, that for most men they don’t tend to need a lot of hair tools or styling products, for them getting ready in the morning is a simple affair that doesn’t usually take very long. Trips to the hair stylist or barber are short, and fairly simple affairs and they usually involve clippers.

If you want to help your man maintain that clean and polished look that he has right after he gets home from a hair cut, you should make the small investment in a pair of quality hair clippers. It’s easy and fast to keep your guy looking great with this simple tool. Even between hair cuts, your man might need a little bit of clean up around his neck, under and around the ears, and his side burns.

The great thing about using hair clippers is that they don’t require a lot of training before you use them. Choose a pair that comes with an adjustable guard so you can choose the length that you want to cut down to. Some guys want to get rid of their neck hair right down to the skin, but what if you’re trimming a beard? You’ll need to set the guides so that all of the beard hair is the same length.

One of the popular styles for men’s hair right now, is to simply shave the hair off. If you don’t want your guy to have to spend money at the salon to simply shear his head, you can quickly and easily do this at home. With a set of clippers, not only can you shave his head down to bare, you can also adjust it for different lengths if he’s not ready to go completely bald. And once you get practiced at shaving his head, try a gentle transition around his ears and neck by adjusting the length guides as you go.

Clippers are a great way to keep your son’s hair under control as well. If you need to do a quick touch up on your child before school pictures, having a pair of clippers in your bathroom is perfect. Quick and easy clean ups are a snap when you have the right tool and your child will never have to leave the house looking messy or scruffy again.

Depending on your preference you can find clippers that run on batteries, that use a charger so they are cordless, or some clippers that you plug in. They come in different weights and sizes, so it’s important to find one that is comfortable for you to use.

Having Your Own In Home Barber Shop

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The traditional barber shop is quickly becoming a thing of the past for many reasons. Of course the biggest reason is there are not too many men who are opening up shop to cut the hair of men. Most stylists want to work with women’s hair since there is more money involved with the more labor intensive styles that women want. One other reason is men do not want to go to a beauty salon to get a quick haircut so many are resorting to cutting their own at home.

For whatever the reason for a lack of barber shops many families and men are saving money by purchasing hair clippers and just doing it at home. If you have never used a pair of electric clippers they are very easy to use and getting a good looking cut really does not take any experience at all. Many come with several sizes of blade guard which you can use to get a varying length of cut to fit your preferred appearance. If you have a father and couple of sons by cutting your own hair at home you can save the family hundreds of dollars a year and never have to make an appointment that may not fit into your busy schedule well.

Taking Care of Your Hair Clippers

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Many families save money every year by cutting their hair at home with a set of electric hair clippers. This can save them hundreds of dollars every year and all with one set of clippers for many years if they take good care of the set they have.

Clippers should always be cleaned and put away clean to ensure that the blades remain sharp and ready to cut when you need them. After each use the hair should be completely cleaned off the blades as well as the rest of the clippers and oil should be applied to all the moving parts to ensure smooth action when you need it again.
When storing your electric hair clippers you should always place them in the original storage bag in which they came with or some other protective case to keep the clippers from dirt, debris, and damage from other objects. Care should also be taken with the cord to ensure that it is not pulled out of the clipper body while being stored and if it is a rechargeable pair of clippers ensure they are fully charged before you begin using them.

Oster Clippers For A Good Haircut

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If you have ever used a pair of hair clippers you know that not all models are created equally. Sometimes the littlest touches on the professional models are so convenient you understand why the discount brands are cheaper, they do not have the things that make cutting hair with clippers easier. Quality models such as Oster clippers use sharp blades that cut hair smoothly and are easy to change. Plus the handles are ergonomically designed so that the repeated motion of cutting hair is easy on your hands and wrists. If you need a professional set of hair clippers than getting a good pair is the difference between haircuts you can be proud of and styles where a hat is needed.

Modern Hairstyles For Men

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At one point and time many men kept their hair extremely short and all a barber needed to cut and style their hair was a pair of electric hair clippers. These could be used to cut the hair all one nice short length and then trim around the neck and sideburns, and presto they were done. Now men want to have edgier styles and need almost as much care and attention spent on the time needed to give them their haircut which will have them looking their best. Of course those clipper are still useful for the neck and sideburns but today’s stylist needs quality shears for a man’s hair as well.

Trendy Men’s Hairstyles

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Men’s haircuts have come a long way over the years to be just as intricate as those of many women. In the past most men opted for a very short cut, which could be easily achieved with a set of electric hair clippers. Now many men have full on hairstyles that do not even use a pair of clippers but are cut and styled with scissors exclusively just as the popular women’s styles. This has meant a boom in business for the stylist and many clippers are sitting unused in a dryer only to be used to trim around the sideburns and neck area.