Quieter Hair Dryers

September 3, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

If you have not purchased a hair dryer in the past few years you may be pleasantly surprised with just how quiet new models are compared to just a few years ago. Older hair blow dryers can easily be 80 decibels or more and this is actually very loud. Newer professional hair dryers actually use quieter motors and this has lowered the decibels considerably making it not such a noisy experience to get your hair dried. For the professional this is a blessing so that you can better converse with your client in order to help them get the look they really want.

Better Cord Attachment With Professional Hair Tools

August 8, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

There is nothing more frustrating than to have the cord on your hair styling tools come disconnected from the unit. Cheap drugstore hair care tools tend to be poorly made and one of the first things to cause problems is where the cord connects to the actual curling iron or hair blow dryers. This cannot only make the tool operate ineffectively but it can be dangerous as well. Professional hair styling tools have more durable cords and insulated connections to ensure this does not happen. Since they are designed to be used be someone who works with hair all day long they are built to last under heavy use.

Make Your Hair Summer Easy to Care For

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It seems like most women want hair they do not have. Those with straight hair want bouncy curls, while those with curly hair want that sleek straight look. In the summertime we all want a hairstyle that is quick and easy to maintain so we can spend more time enjoying vacations, the beach, and the summer sun instead of being stuck in front of the mirror. Many fashion experts say that the best way to look good in the summer without spending hours in front of the mirror is to go natural.

Heat and humidity tend to make natural curly hair even more curlier than usual, so go with those curls. Let them bounce and give your hair body instead of taking the time to use a hair straightening iron to remove them. Save the straight hair look for winter time when the cold weather chases you indoors and there is less summer sun to enjoy.

For those with naturally straight hair the heat and humidity seems to way down any bounce you try to put into your hair. Let it be sleek, shiny and straight for the summer. An ionic curling iron will do wonders in the fall and winter for you, but why spend the time in the summer. Get out there and enjoy yourself with a simple blow dry and go hairstyle using nothing but hair blow dryers and protection from the summer sun.