Free Virtual Hairstyles

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A Virtual Hairstyle Tool is a great way to try out a whole new hairstyle without actually getting your done. You simply upload a picture of yourself on to the website and try on different styles, colors and cuts. Many sites even allow you to change your makeup!

There are tons of sites that offer this Free Virtual Hairstyle Tool and there are also many that charge you to use their tool if you want to upload your own photo. Really, there is no need to pay, it’s all about finding the best site with the most realistic hairstyles and colors to choose from.

I went through a ton of sites for you, often being asked to sign up before starting my virtual makeover with my own photo, easy enough. I also found that you need to have a decent photo in order to get decent results. A straight on shot with your hair pulled back is best.


So, after trying on many hairstyles, some really bad ‘wig like’ and some more natural looking, I have found you the top 5 Free Virtual Hairstyle Websites.

1. Hairstyler – see yourself in celebrity hairstyles – click here to try it
Post your made over look and get other users feedback, a great way to get opinions on what style suits you best!

2. Cosmo Virtual Makeover
Choose from your favorite celebrity’s hairstyles such as Angelina Jolie and Beyonce.

3. Girl Virtual hair Makeovers
Register to view 3000 different hair styles with 55 different color variations.

4. Hollywood Hair Makeover
This site tool allows you to add highlights and/or lowlights.

Don’t have a picture? No worries, all of these sites have models you can choose from to makeover. Although the chance of finding your exact match or even close are slim, try to choose a model who shares your skin tone to determine a color that will suit you then find a model who shares your face shape to get an idea of a hairstyle that will compliment.

Most of all, have fun, after all it’s not permanent!

Long Hairstyles

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Long hair can be extremely feminine, versatile, flirty and is often admired. The only down side to long hairstyles, and I speak from experience, is the maintenance. If you choose to go with long hair get a hair cut that works best with your hairs texture to help minimize the amount of time it takes to style it. With any cut it also best to get a style to suit your face shape and features.

Long hair looks great with layers, and you can style hair straight, wear it curly or make it wavy. For those of you with super straight hair, the longer it is the harder it can be to keep a curl in your hair. However, with the right tools and styling products, you can curl straight hair and have it hold.

Here are some great pictures of Popular Straight Hairstyles for 2008-




Hairstyles Round Faces

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A round face shape is as about as long as it is wide and has soft, rounded edges.

When it comes to hairstyles for those of you with a round face shape, layers are key. You can go long or short but want to make sure your haircut is tailored to your face shape.

Other guidelines to follow for a round face shape include;

  • Layered bangs rather than heavy or straight bangs
  • Styles which add length to the face
  • Shorter styles which add height
  • Long styles with graduated layers to make face and neck appear more slender
  • Styles which keep hair close to the face
  • Opt for half up-do’s rather than full up do’s

Round Face Hairstyle examples -





*The bob, as seen on Kelly Clarkson above, is a hot hairstyle for 2008. This sleek and sexy look is easily styled using your hair straightener. You can also curl your hair with a hair straightener to achieve the other hairstyles above.