Choosing Your Hair Stylist

January 14, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

Women are very careful when choosing their doctor or even their tax accountant but many do not put the same thought into their hair stylist. More often than not though, they choose their hair stylist because she is a friend or maybe because she does a good job on someone else’s hair. This does not mean that the stylist will work out well for you though.

There is so much more to be a hair stylist than just having the right professional hair tools and a chair. Knowing which styles go best with which types of hair and looks that flatter the face of the client. Experience as well as listening to the client is essential to getting the look that the person in the chair wants to end up with.

Anyone can buy ceramic hair irons and professional hair scissors but it takes real talent to style hair so people look their best. Plus some stylists work best in certain areas. Some may excel at fine hair and making it appear to have more volume while others may be better at toning down really thick hair. If you are not ecstatic when you get out of the styling chair than maybe you should consider looking for a new stylist.