The Karmin Envy Hair Straightener

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If you are considering getting a professional hair straightener then you should highly consider the Karmin Envy. This cute pink hair iron is one of the hottest hair straighteners on the market with the latest technology available to not only straighten your hair effectively but to also help it remain healthy despite the demands on styling. Using titanium to heat up quickly and evenly for the best straightening possible. Plus with the infrared capability the iron will infuse your hair with negative ions, which will help your hair retain its own natural moisture so it will be as healthy as possible.

Getting That Magazine Quality Straight Hair

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Everywhere you turn there is another advertisement with a beautiful girl with long sleek hair, and women everywhere want to get this look themselves. Of course if you were born with curly hair or just tend to have some unruly waves you will need to get these straightened out. The easiest way to get this done is by using hair straighteners such as the Karmin Envy Pink tourmaline hair straightener. These hair irons are some of the best available at not only straightening out those locks, but also keeping that hair shiny and luxurious even with lots of styling and heat.

How to reduce damage from Hair Straighteners

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Yes, there is such a thing as using heating products too much, that is if your not using anything to protect your hair before you start styling. Do you have a matted type ball at the back of your head and the middle doesn’t seem to be as long as the sides? This is because of too much heat products and other misc. things, ie: elastic bands too tight, not the right pillow case etc. If you are going to be using your hair straightener everyday you need to start protecting your hair in the process, if you don’t you will not be able to even straighten that matted hair on the back of your head, it will always have a certain frizz look to it.


figure 1: Karmin Envy Titanium Hair Straightener.

Make sure that you take a break every once in a while where you don’t blow dry or use any kind of heating products. Try doing this once or twice a week. Use a good spray in conditioner, avoiding anything that has alcohol in it (this dries out your hair) spray each section as you are straightening it. Use a good conditioning pack at least once every two weeks (the kind you keep in and wash out after approx. 15 min.) Comb deep conditioner through hair and rinse out after time noted above.


Do not brush your hair too harshly, using a natural bristled brush, or a comb, just brush from the bottom up. Use a lower heat setting on your hair straightener once in awhile. As you can see from the photos below after time heating products and just not caring about your hair does sufficient damage. So to ensure the best healthiest hair take care of yourself, eat right, do conditioning treatments and treat your hair like it’s your best friend.

normal hair


blowdry damage


weak hair


chemically damaged hair

Till next time Good Luck!