Tips On Cutting Your Own Hair

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So many women cut their own hair and it really is not as hard as it may seem once you get used to the feeling. Of course this is one task that you do not want to experiment with and get wrong since it is your hair. If you are not experienced with cutting hair than practice cutting the hair on dolls and practice heads to make sure you have the feel of the scissors on hair. Once you feel you are ready to give it a try take your time and follow some of these tips from a beauty pro.

    Always use sharp high quality salon scissors for the best cutting action.
    Ensure your hair is damp before cutting, dry hair tends to flyaway and does not stay together as well to cut.
    Attempt simple styles that are easy to cut as well as easy to maintain that will look great on you.
    Use a comb to manage how the scissors contact your hair to give definition to your hair.
    If in doubt about how long you really want your hair to end up leave a little on the long side.

It cannot be stressed enough despite how good you are at cutting your hair or anyone else’s you are only as good as your scissors. Having a good sharp pair that is well maintained will go a long way to making your styles successful.

Trying A Quality Hair Straightener

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Many women with very wiry, curly hair doubt the ability of a hair straightener to get their hair smooth and silky. So their first attempt at using one is a cheap drugstore model, which is not very effective at actually straightening hair, do to poor materials and design. Quality ceramic hair straighteners are head and shoulders over the cheap drugstore models. If these women would try a professional hair iron they will be much happier with their first results and be more likely to want to do it again and become successful at using these great hair tools.