The Closest Shave Any Man Has Ever Received

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In the not too distant past when a man needed a shave he went to the barber and received a close smooth shave with a skilled hand and a straight razor. Of course modern men have more choices than ever in how they will shave their faces but very few go with the option of using a straight razor. Of course if you talk with most of these men many do not like the current shave they are getting and wish there was something better. Whether they want a closer shave or they are getting excess skin burning from electric razors they all want something that works better for them.

Of course most of these guys have tried just about everything out there but have not attempted a straight razor since they feel that this would be too hard to actually do. In reality a Kamisori straight razor is actually fairly easy to use and provide a shave unlike anything else available. Whether you are looking for a great gift for your man to give him that shave he is wanting or you are a beautician who wants to renew this service for men these keen blades will deliver one of the best shaves ever.

Finding A New Way To Style Your Hair

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It can be so easy to get in a hair rut where you style it the exact same way everyday. You know this look works for you and you know it is easy for you to get with your hair styling tools but sometimes many women want something a little different and they just cannot seem to get inspiration. At times like these it is helpful to browse through fashion magazine and just look at the various hairstyles. You do not need to make a major change that requires a haircut but it will give you ideas on new ways to style your hair at its current length.

Staying Safe By Caring For Your Hair Tools

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If you have had your curling iron or hair dryer for a while you may want to take the time to inspect the unit and make sure it is still in good working order. Every year problems with hair styling tools cause hundreds of injuries and fires. Take a minute to check your hairdressing tools to make sure they will not make you another person who regrets not getting a newer model due to age on your current one.

Cords are always a danger point so inspect yours to make sure they are not frayed or starting to get pulled out of the unit where they connect inside. To help the unit last longer and keep the cord from getting damaged, never wrap it tightly around the unit to store it. This puts unneeded pressure on it, which will pull the cord, lose from the base.

Make sure the filter at the back of the unit is clean, a clogged filter can cause the unit to overheat and will shorten the lifespan considerably.

Take care of your hair styling tools and they will operate perfectly for a long time and you will not have to worry about possible accidents from faulty equipment.

Using The Right Brush

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So many women carefully consider their shampoo and hair styling tools yet they give very little thought to their hairbrush. Different brushes have different effects on the hair so using the right one for the style you are trying to get is essential.

    Round hairbrushes are perfect for adding curl and definition to your hair. With different barrel sizes to choose from in these brushes just like a curling iron, the smaller the barrel the tighter the curl.
    The half round brush is perfect for when your hair is wet and as a everyday brush to comb out your hair.
    A paddle hairbrush is perfect for straightening your hair when you want to remove curls and definition for sleek hairstyles.
    For quicker blow drying with your tourmaline hair dryer use a vented brush to encourage air flow through your hair while you style and dry at the same time.

Hairbrushes are so affordable there is no reason why you can’t have several so you can always use the brush that is right for the current look you want to get. Style your hair and treat it well for the absolute best looks available by using various hair brushes.