Soft, Shiny, Naturally Curly Hairstyle

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Naturally curly hair can be, at times, difficult to manage but with the right hair tools and hair styling products natural curls can be tamed.

Take Care - taking care of your curly hair is important as curly hair can tend to be more dry and coarse than straight hair. Using hair care products for curly hair is your best choice as they are formulated to help tame frizz, moisturize and give curly it’s must needed nourishment.

Soft and Shiny - soft, shiny curls are what’s hot, crunchy, hard curls, not! These days there are tons of great styling products for curly hair which help smooth, soften and shape curls without the crunch.

The Right Tools - using the right tools to help style curly hair is another important step. Use a diffuser with your hair dryer to help combat frizz, add volume and shape curls.

Cut it Out – the right haircut is probably the most important step in having great looking curls. Layers and textured hair can do wonders for curly hair. When choosing a hair stylist make sure to find one who has experience with natural curly hair!

Celeberity Hairstyle How To – Kellie Pickler Big Sexy Hair

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I absolutely love Kellie Pickler’s Hairstyle in her ad for Big Sexy Hair! Perhaps it is partly to do with the fact I myself have a bob, but I also have a thing for wavy and curly bob hairstyles! Kellie Pickler is the new Spokes model for Big Sexy Hair and I think she is perfect, she really shows how short hairstyles can look amazingly feminine and sexy on women!

To achieve this Kellie Pickler Hairstyle you will need the following-

Hairdryer with Diffuser
2″ Barreled Curling Iron
Big Sexy Curl Power Curl Enhancer

1. Wash and dry hair, apply Big Sexy Curl Power Curl Enhancer to damp hair.

2. Using your diffuser, hold your hair dryer under your hair while scrunching curls with your fingers. Lift your roots with your fingers while drying to create volume.

3. Create a side part which angles from the front of your hairline towards the back of your head. As pictured in the photo of Kellie Pickler’s straight Hairstyle.

4. Using your curling iron, take 1-2″ sections of hair and curl hair towards the back of your head. If you have bangs like Kellie Pickler, tuck them into the longer side sections of your hair to keep them away from your face.

5. Spray with a flexible hold hairspray to help keep style.