While Flat Irons Are Better With Tourmaline

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Hair irons have come a long way in the past few years as technology has made advances, which make them less harmful to the hair than they originally were. First flat irons were exposed metal plates that were run through the hair to remove the frizz and curl. Eventually ceramic began to be used to cover the metal, which greatly reduced the damage that the very hot metal was having on the hair. Of course now you can get ceramic flat irons that are combined with tourmaline for the ultimate in straightening but in an iron that will not damage your hair despite regular use.

Of course the biggest advantage of a tourmaline flat iron is the additional negative ions that comes with their use. Tourmaline produces more negative ions, which help lock moisture in your hair. This will reduce the risk of damage that is associated with hair that is dried out from over styling. But the ionic technology is not the only benefit. Tourmaline also has great heating efficiency and can straighten hair faster than a ceramic alone iron. This will reduce the amount of time your hair will be in contact with the plates once again keeping you from damaging your hair while styling it.

Shopping For Cheap Ceramic Hair Straighteners

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If you are shopping for cheap ceramic hair straighteners than you need to be careful that you are getting a quality unit that will do a great job on your hair and will not end up causing damage frustrating your attempts at getting this popular look. Many poorly made ceramic models will only be ceramic coated which will eventually come off and expose the real metal that is underneath the plates and cause heat damage to your hair. While a better-built model will have solid ceramic plates which will not be susceptible to chipping and peeling so your hair will only come into contact with ceramic.

Seeing A Style On Yourself Before Cutting Your Hair

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Getting a haircut is a commitment that you will be stuck with whether you love the style or not since once the hair is cut there is no putting it back. Thank goodness modern technology has come onto the scene to make choosing the hairstyle even easier than it was in the past. Before your hair ever comes into contact with hair styling scissors take the time to see the style you are considering on your head via one of the many computer programs which allow you to see how you will look with any style you can imagine.

Tips On Cutting Your Own Hair

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So many women cut their own hair and it really is not as hard as it may seem once you get used to the feeling. Of course this is one task that you do not want to experiment with and get wrong since it is your hair. If you are not experienced with cutting hair than practice cutting the hair on dolls and practice heads to make sure you have the feel of the scissors on hair. Once you feel you are ready to give it a try take your time and follow some of these tips from a beauty pro.

    Always use sharp high quality salon scissors for the best cutting action.
    Ensure your hair is damp before cutting, dry hair tends to flyaway and does not stay together as well to cut.
    Attempt simple styles that are easy to cut as well as easy to maintain that will look great on you.
    Use a comb to manage how the scissors contact your hair to give definition to your hair.
    If in doubt about how long you really want your hair to end up leave a little on the long side.

It cannot be stressed enough despite how good you are at cutting your hair or anyone else’s you are only as good as your scissors. Having a good sharp pair that is well maintained will go a long way to making your styles successful.

Safety With Hair Straighteners

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Many women are very lackadaisical with the use of their curling irons and hair straighteners and this results in harsh burns to their skin and sometimes those they love. Professional hair irons and curling irons have a temperature setting, which allows them to be controlled so that the user can control the amount of heat they are using. This will help them avoid potential burns on their scalp and skin, which may come into contact with the hot blades. Also at no time should a hot iron be allowed to sit unattended, as this will place a danger for everyone who happens to come by and may potentially bump into it and burn him or herself on the contact.

Keeping Even Pressure On Hair Straightening Blades

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One major problem with cheap hair irons is that they tend to not make even contact with your hair. Many high end ceramic hair straighteners use what they call a dynamic alignment system that allows the plates to adjust to ensure that they remain in contact with the hair at all times. This will ensure that every section of hair that you glide through the plates will get straightened out perfectly for a flawless smooth finish on your hair. By maintaining equal pressure on both plates there will be no spots in which the hair will not come into contact with the plates of the hair straightening iron.

Finding the Best Hair Straightener

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If you are looking for the best hair straightener iron on the market that will effectively straighten your hair with absolute minimum damage to your hair then you should look for irons made with quality hair materials. Better hair irons utilize titanium, which heats up quickly and efficiently as well as ceramic plates to be in contact with your hair as opposed to being against raw metal or cheaper ceramic coatings. These hair irons will also use infrared technology, which will help keep your hair healthier by infusing negative ions into your hair to help it retain its own natural moisture.

Not Leaving A Curling Iron On Your Hair Too Long

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Many women tend to allow the hot plates of a curling iron to remain in contact with their hair for too much time with each wrapping of the hair. Generally most hair will only need about five seconds of contact on a quality ionic curling iron in order to effectively curl. If your hair is not responding to five seconds worth of heat on the strands then you are either using too low a heat setting for your hair type or the curling iron is not effectively heating up to the temperature specified. To effectively curl your hair you need to increase the temperature or use a curling iron, which can effectively heat up to curl your hair properly.