Farouk CHI PRO Hair Dryer

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So the inevitable has happened, you got out of the shower this morning ready to dry your hair and your blow dryer didn’t work. Left with a sopping wet head, you probably cursed yourself for not updating your blow dryer sooner. Not only have you left yourself with a problem, and a bad hair day, but you could have reaped the benefits of a high quality blow dryer all along. Well, don’t worry. Now is your chance to treat yourself to a high quality hair dryer and you can say goodbye to bad hair days forever.


The Farouk CHI PRO Hair Dryer is the latest addition to the Farouk CHI professional hair care line, and it is the same high quality hair tool product that you would expect from the Farouk CHI line. This hair dryer not only gives you the best features that you can expect to find in a quality hair dryer, but it also helps you protect the environment because you are choosing such an energy efficient tool.


The Farouk CHI dryer utilizes ceramic coils that provide a consistent heat temperature so you don’t have to worry about your hair heating up and burning with the uncontrolled coils of lower quality hair dryers. Ceramic coils also work to produce negative ions that are extremely beneficial to your hair. Negative ions go to work on your hair to lock in the moisture and dry it from the inside – out which means that your hair will dry in half the time reducing the chance for damage. Negative ions are also crucial for minimizing the frizzies and that annoying static electricity that can occur when you’re done blow drying your hair. Instead your hair will be shiny, smooth and beautifully healthy looking.


It’s important to have a comfortable tool when you are using your blow dryer every day. There is nothing worse that using a clunky, heavy blow dryer that hurts your arm. The Farouk CHI PRO dryer is lightweight and easy to handle. It has also been ergonomically designed which means that it will be extremely comfortable to use.


If you are in a hurry in the morning, and who isn’t? You don’t want to waste your time blow drying your hair. That is why the Farouk CHI PRO dryer uses moist heat and heats up quicker, drying your hair up to 40% faster than a regular hair dryer. How’s that for a time saver? And you don’t have to worry about wasting electricity because the low electric magnetic fields (EMF) means that you can dry your hair faster which saves energy so you don’t have to worry about the environment.


Other features like a cool shot button to lock in a style, two different speed settings, a CHI diffuser and a concentrator nozzle, just to name a few make the Farouk CHI PRO hair dryer one of the best hair dryers available today. So treat yourself and your hair and try out the new Farouk CHI PRO and you’ll never go back to an old hair dryer again.

A New Look At Professional Hair Dryers

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Using an old coil based hair dryer on your hair will rob it of its own natural moisture that is essential to the health and vitality of your tresses. Of course if it has been awhile since you have looked into hair dryers you may be surprised to learn that newer dryers will not only not damage your hair, but will also make it healthier with the new technology advances which have occurred.

Professional hair dryers now use other ways to dry your hair other than blowing air over warm coils. Ionic dryers now infuse your locks with negative ions, which will break the water molecule down as opposed to just blowing it away with hot air. These negative ions penetrate your hair and will not only break down those water molecules they will also hydrate it from the inside out. This will result in hair that is not just healthier, but it will be more vibrant and have more body as well. The proper moisture in your hair can be the difference in getting the look you want and avoiding those frizzes that drive every woman crazy. Though these ionic hair dryers may cost a little more they are worth every penny.

Are Blow Dryers Bad For Your Hair?

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There is always a debate raging on whether the use of hair dryers is bad for your hair or not among the stylists and women who use them. But the debate never tackles the question of whether they can be good for your hair. Of course in the past there really was nothing to debate, hair dryers were really good at drying your hair out completely! But that was then and this is now. Of course those old dryers that blow air over heated coils are still bad for your hair, but modern hair dryers are not and some of the latest models can actually be good for your hair.

Ceramic hair dryers were a major step in women being able to dry their hair without actually drying out your locks and damaging them to the point of unhealthy hair. These dryers do not just use hot air to dry out those locks but use negative ions to remove that moisture in a positive way. While the latest ionic hairdryers not only dry your hair without drying it out, they use ionic technology to break the water down instead of hot air to blow it away. Plus they will infuse your hair with those negative ions leaving it potentially healthier than before you started drying your tresses.

Karmin Ionic Hair Dryers

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Karmin is one of the leading makers of hair tools and their Turbo Ionic Hair Dryer is no different. This dryer is designed for the professional but anyone who wants salon results at home will want to give this dryer a serious look over. This powerful dryer uses 1800 watts to blow heat across the ceramic coils and with the ionic technology it will dry your hair faster than any other dryer on the market. If you have not looked at the new professional blow dryers in a long time you will be surprised at how far they have come and yet are still affordable.