Using A Flat Iron To Get Rid Of Lice

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Head lice are a problem for every child at one point and time in their life. These parasites are specially adapted at living on the human head and transmit easily from head to head by combs, caps, and other things that come in contact with the head. Many consider lice to be only a problem for those who do not keep their head clean and they feel like they will never get them. But in reality this is something anyone can get in his or her hair at any time.

Many parents spend hours treating their child’s head with chemicals and trying to comb out these pests, this is not a fun experience. But there may be a better way to rid your head of those lice. By using one of the ceramic straightening irons available on the market on the head you can literally fry the eggs of the lice and from there simply comb out the dead eggs as well as the hatched lice. A flat iron gets hot enough you can easily slide it from the root of the hair to the tip. The heat will kill the eggs and make it much easier to get the lice out.

Stopping Static Electricity With Ceramic & Tourmaline

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Since we are well into fall and quickly approaching winter static electricity in your hair is probably increasing making it harder to keep your locks under control and looking their best. The dryer air and cooler temps encourage static electricity and makes styling your hair difficult. If you use professional hair styling tools with ceramic or titanium plates or barrels static electricity is less of a hassle for you. These tools such as ceramic straightening irons and titanium curling irons are proven to reduce static electricity so you will experience less of this nuisance and have better looking hairstyles.

Wet Dry Flat Irons

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We have always been told we should never use hot styling tools such as curling and ceramic straightening irons on our hair when it is wet. Then they come out with these wet dry hair straighteners and it gets confusing. What makes this ok? Long story short is these special professional hair straighteners are specially designed to wick that moisture away from your hair with special vents, as opposed to letting the moisture stay in and allow the hair iron to scorch your precious locks as you smooth them out. So this handy hair tool will not only make you look great it can save you lots of time by allowing you to skip the blow drying step.