You Deserve a Professional Quality Hair Iron at Home

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When you leave the hair salon your newly straightened hair is probably shiny, sleek and amazing. But why is it that you cannot recreate that look with your own hair straightener? Ask yourself, what kind of hair straightener do you have at home? Do you have a cheap, drug store hair iron that doesn’t give you the results that you would like? Far too many women use a cheap hair iron that doesn’t do a good job straightening hair, and worse can actually damage the hair.

When it comes to hair straighteners, it’s very important that you choose a quality hair iron that will not damage your hair because straight hair isn’t very good if you’re breaking it and damaging it in the process.

When you are looking for a good hair iron, there are a few things that you have to look for. First, choose an iron that uses ceramic or titanium plates. Titanium hair irons generally combine the titanium with ceramic in order to get the best benefits. Ceramic hair straighteners are known for its amazing heat retention which means that it you don’t have to worry about any hot spots forming on the iron which could potentially burn your hair. Ceramic is the best material for maintaining heat so as well as not getting hot spots, you don’t have to worry about waiting for the iron to heat up between passes on your hair, so it’s fast and easy to use. Quality hair irons have heat sensors that sense the temperature a few times a second, which helps to regulate and keep the temperature constant.

Titanium plates on a hair straightener are very nice to use because they are as smooth as glass, so your hair simply slides along them. And these plates are as tough as steel, but extremely light so the iron is nice and easy to handle.

Another quality to look for in a professional grade hair straightener is the presence of tourmaline. Tourmaline is a naturally occurring mineral that has been discovered to be a natural source of negative ions. Negative ions penetrate each hair every time a tourmaline hair iron is passed through the hair, infusing each and every hair so that these hairs retain their moisture and lock in the natural color. Because tourmaline locks in the moisture and natural oils, your hair will look extremely healthy and naturally shiny, which is something a cheap hair iron can not do.

Professional quality hair straighteners will cost you slightly more than their cheaper counterparts that you can find in any drugstore, or Wal-Mart. But the difference in price is absolutely justifiable when you compare the difference that each iron makes to your hair. Cheaper irons may burn your hair, tear and pull it. They will not give you the results of smooth and shiny hair. Instead your hair will be standing up, frizzy, dried out, possibly torn and broken and maybe not even all that straight. It seems like an easy decision. When you want quality results, and beautiful hair – choose a professional hair straightener for your own personal use. There is absolutely no reason that your hair can’t look salon good every day.

FHI Ceramic Curling Iron

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The creators that brought you the best in ceramic hair straighteners have now invested their extensive knowledge and millions of research and development dollars to bring you the best in curling iron technology. The newly launched FHI Ceramic Curling Irons are sure to become top sellers and some of the most widely sought after curling irons in the industry.

When FHI Heat first started out, they simply strove to create the best flat iron that they could. They quickly achieved this goal by selling some of the top performing irons in the business. The FHI Ceramic Curling Irons are no exception. Using the same sophisticated thermal technology, these curling irons create the perfect style every time.

When you already have naturally curly hair, curling irons are perfect for defining curls and making each one pop. It’s important to be especially careful when you are dealing with this naturally curly hair because it tends to be more prone to breakage and damage than straight hair. FHI’s advanced technology is perfect for this fine, damage prone hair because it conditions each hair as you style preventing breakage or any frizzies.

FHI Heat is one of the industries leaders when it comes to utilizing ceramic, tourmaline and the newly discovered Nano-Fuzeion technologies in their hair styling products. Ceramic has long been known to be the material of choice for hair styling tools. This is because of the constant and even heat that ceramic creates. This means that there will be no hot spots on the tool, so you won’t have to worry about burning your hair. Ceramic also uses a moist heat that seals in the moisture into each hair, so you don’t get that dry, frizzy damaged look as with other tools.

Tourmaline is a naturally occurring element that is a natural source of negative ions. Negative ions are great for your hair because they allow each hair to keep its natural moisture and oils and they actually seal in moisture closing each cuticle. The hair then lies flat against the head instead of standing straight up with a dry, damaged look.

When it comes to the new Nano-Fuzeion technology, this is a unique development that actually helps to eliminate any bacteria, toxins, static and bad odors that are on the hair or on the hair tools which creates naturally healthy hair.

The FHI Curling Iron is available in a variety of sizes from ¾” to 1 ½” so no matter what type of curl you are trying to achieve, you will be able to create it using this fabulous technology. There is a swivel cord that lets you style without getting tangled up, it’s easy to handle and sports an ergonomic spring grip handle and kickstand for safety. A digital LCD display is easy to read and lets you adjust the temperature from 266 degrees F to 410 degrees F. So no matter why type of hair you have, you don’t have to worry about damaging it.

For the best in hair technology, utilize the powerful technology in the FHI Ceramic Curling Irons for perfect curls every time.

Shopping For Cheap Ceramic Hair Straighteners

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If you are shopping for cheap ceramic hair straighteners than you need to be careful that you are getting a quality unit that will do a great job on your hair and will not end up causing damage frustrating your attempts at getting this popular look. Many poorly made ceramic models will only be ceramic coated which will eventually come off and expose the real metal that is underneath the plates and cause heat damage to your hair. While a better-built model will have solid ceramic plates which will not be susceptible to chipping and peeling so your hair will only come into contact with ceramic.

The Benefits of a Ceramic Hair Straightener

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With so many choices of hair straighteners on the market today, it can be hard to know which one to choose. Everyone seems to have an opinion; you’re bombarded with infomercials on television, magazine ads and even people selling irons in the mall. It can be impossible to choose between all of these pressures.


You may not know what brand to choose, but what you do know is that you want beautiful, healthy hair. Who doesn’t? So now that you know what you do want, let me tell you about one type of hair straightener that will give you exactly what you want. Ceramic hair straighteners are the perfect hair straighteners for many people, because they will give you beautiful, straight and shiny hair – just what most people are after.


Ceramic hair straighteners are great because just as their name implies, they use ceramic material for their plates. Ceramic is much better than the cheaper glass or metal because it’s extremely smooth. Glass or painted metal plates will often chip, or the paint will peel which will allow the hair to snag, rip, catch and tear on these chipped areas. If your hair is ever snagging and pulling in the hair straightener, there is something wrong. Ceramic plates allow the hair to glide through the iron smoothly, without snags or damage.


Another extreme benefit of ceramic plates over the cheaper glass and metal ones is that they heat evenly. Glass and metal plates don’t heat evenly which results in hot spots on the iron which will burn your hair. It is also much harder for a glass or metal plate to maintain a constant temperature and the constant fluctuations make it much harder to style your hair effectively or quickly. You will achieve the style you’re looking for much quicker with a ceramic plate hair straightener.


Most people are looking for beautiful shiny hair that looks and feels healthy as well as straight. Nobody wants the frizzy style that some cheaper hair straighteners can give you. Ceramic irons use infrared technology that actually locks in moisture directly in the hair cuticle resulting in beautiful shiny hair that lays flat instead of frizzy on your scalp.


Because ceramic plates lock in moisture, they also protect the color on your hair if you have treated your hair. You don’t need to worry about damaging or fading your beautiful color. Instead the iron gently smoothes the hair adding shine to your color making it look more vibrant than ever.


One of the best benefits of ceramic hair irons is the affordable price tag. A quality hair iron is an investment no matter how you look at it, but a ceramic hair iron is an affordable alternative that will still provide your hair with the healthy, shiny straight hair that you are looking for which goes to show that you don’t have to sacrifice quality because of the price tag.


If you’re looking for a hair straightener that is versatile, affordable and will help you achieve the styles that you desire with healthy, shiny and beautiful hair, take a good look at a ceramic hair straightener. It just may be the right product for you.

Quality Ceramic Straighteners For Less

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When ceramic hair straighteners came onto the market they were extremely expensive just as with most anything new. Now that they have been around awhile and since other new features and materials have come along you can now get one of these units affordably. These cheap ceramic hair straighteners are just as good as when they first came out on the market and still one of the absolute best ways to straighten your hair not only quickly but to leave it healthy as it was when you started. There is no sacrifice in the quality on these hair irons you just are being rewarded for your patience in letting the price go down on these great units.

You Need More Than Quality Hair Products For Healthy Hair

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If you watch shampoo commercials they make you believe that their product can make you have the most beautiful hair if you only use their brand. Of course quality hair products can help you have healthy hair but that is only part of the picture. If you have healthy hair and use styling tools, which are not good for its health, the quality products you use become useless.


Tourmaline hair dryers use gemstones rich in negative ions to not blow your hair dry with just air but break the water down to remove the moisture from your hair. These ions also bind with the positive ions in your hair to neutralize frizz and help lock in moisture.


Ceramic hair straighteners and curling irons are much better for styling your hair than inexpensive hair tools. The cheaper models usually do not have variable temperature settings and the have hot spots which can damage your hair when it is exposed to them. While ceramic heats up evenly providing and has a smooth surface so that the strands of your hair can glide smoothly through the plates and be exposed to one constant temperature. This will help your hair be more healthy and radiant especially when combined with quality hair products.

Cleaning Ceramic Hair Tools

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When you are using ceramic hair straighteners and curling irons it is important that the ceramic plates or barrel are clean to get the best results and avoid getting things on your hair. If you do a search on the internet for how to clean the styling iron you will get all kinds of answers including over cleaner and alcohol. Some of the ideas sound logical and some you just have to wonder what they were thinking using that on a expensive hair styling tool. The best recommendation is to conduct the manufacturer on your particular model and ask what they recommend to clean the iron and use that method.

Better Temperature Control With Ceramic Straighteners

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Everyone talks about the negative ions associated with ceramic hair straighteners and how they make your hair healthier, but there are other benefits to these hair irons as well. Ceramic is a super conductor of heat and this means that hair styling irons using this material heat up and cool down quickly. These ceramic plates are easier to control the temperature of since the plates react better to the temperature setting adjustments you make. This means you can more effectively straighten your hair to get the look and appearance you want to get.

Avoiding Snags and Breaks When Straightening Your Hair

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One of the many benefits of using quality ceramic hair straighteners is the gentle way in which they work with your hair. Many cheaply made hair irons are not made with solid ceramic and inconsistencies in the surface will catch and snag your hair as you glide the plates down the length of each set of strands. This will result in broken damaged hair, which cannot be repaired resulting in the need to cut your hair in order to remove the broken unhealthy snags. Though ceramic hair straighteners may cost a little more in the end the health of your hair is worth every penny, especially if you plan on using the hair iron often.

Trying A Quality Hair Straightener

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Many women with very wiry, curly hair doubt the ability of a hair straightener to get their hair smooth and silky. So their first attempt at using one is a cheap drugstore model, which is not very effective at actually straightening hair, do to poor materials and design. Quality ceramic hair straighteners are head and shoulders over the cheap drugstore models. If these women would try a professional hair iron they will be much happier with their first results and be more likely to want to do it again and become successful at using these great hair tools.

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