Using Ceramic Hair Straighteners

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Many Hollywood stars are sporting long straight hair currently and this is a traditional look that is always sleek, shiny, and gorgeous. There is several ways to remove the curl and frizz from your hair but the most effective is by using hair straightening irons. The chemical treatments at the salon are just too harsh on your hair to often, and hair relaxing creams are just ineffective. If you want to use a hair straightener, then a ceramic hair straightener is much better on your hair than a cheap drugstore model with your hair being straightened by contacting the metal directly. Ceramic straighteners place a ceramic coating on the plates on the hair iron and this gives your hair a smooth surface that is much easier on your hair.

The ceramic plates on the hair iron heat up quickly and evenly so there are no hot spots on the iron or cold spots, which means that your hair will straighten, better in some places better than others. Many newer ceramic hair irons also utilize ionic technology, which will help your hair retain its own natural moisture so it will remain healthy and shiny despite the extra styling of straightening your hair.

Using Quality Hair Tools For the Health of Your Hair

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One of the biggest reasons to invest in professional hair tools is the better materials that go into making them. Curling irons and hair straighteners, which are made from materials such as ceramic and tourmaline, heat up more quickly and evenly than those tools, which do not have a ceramic coating and are using inferior materials. High, even heat applied to small sections of hair at a time are the most effective method of either curling or straightening hair. So the work done with lesser products that do not heat up as well tends to come out of the hair quickly and this encourages the user to apply more hair styling products which dry the hair out in order to make it stay in place.

Getting High Quality Hair Tools

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Cheap drugstore curling irons are made with inferior materials that can ultimately damage your hair as you style it. For those who style their hair often and want healthy luxurious locks, it is absolutely essential to use professional hair styling tools. Good quality curling irons use better materials for the barrel of the iron, which has direct contact with your hair. A professional ceramic curling iron has a ceramic coating on the barrel over the metal, which helps hair retain its moisture, and provides smoother curls. The ceramic element also heats up more evenly thus providing more effective curling that stays in your hair better.

Properly Straightening Your Hair

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It always surprises me how many women have trouble getting salon quality results with their hair straightening iron. Really using ceramic hair straighteners is fairly simple and part of the success is in the preparation of your hair in the drying process.

To start drying your hair properly to encourage straight hair blot, do not rub your hair dry. Once you are ready to start blow drying use a soft brush to comb your hair straight as you blow your tresses dry. If you do not already have an ionic hair dryer maybe you should consider one as these will help your hair maintain its moisture which will discourage frizz and curl that results from dry hair.

Once you hair is thoroughly dry then use a professional hair straightener with a ceramic coating to help your hair stay moist and encourage negative ions in your hair. Start at the root and straighten small sections of hair at a time. Clamp the hair iron on a small lock of hair and slowly move it in a gliding motion down your hair from the root to the very tip. Continue this process over your entire head taking care not to expose your hair to excess heat as this will damage it especially if you straighten your hair often.

Why Professional Hair Straighteners Are Better for Your Hair

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Too often I see women who have severely damaged their hair by trying to style it with cheap drugstore hair straightening irons. These hair irons usually use a ceramic coating over cheap metal which sooner than later gets exposed to cause damage to your hair. Professional hair straighteners are solid ceramic and use high quality metals such as titanium to ensure even heating and a lasting product that will not cause any undo damage to your hair while you are straightening it. These professional model straighteners do cost more up front, but the extra care they take of your hair and the fact they will last you longer makes them worth the extra money spent in the beginning.

Advances in Hair Straightening Irons

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Getting straight hair has gotten easier over the past few years with major advances in professional hair tools. Of course the biggest steps has been the creation of ceramic plates for hair straighteners. These ceramic hair straighteners are less damaging to the hair than old metal plates, which did not heat up evenly and damaged the hair. Most hair straightening tools utilize these ceramic plates now, but the difference between the professional hair straighteners and the cheaper models is how the ceramic is used on the iron. Professional straighteners are solid ceramic or even tourmaline ceramic hair straightener while the lesser models are only ceramic coated. This ceramic coating can come off the straightening iron easily which will expose the hair to the metal underneath and potentially damage it.

Ionic technology has also made hair straightening tools much easier on the hair and more effective at creating long straight locks of hair. Hair straighteners which utilize this ionic technology block harmful negative ions from your hair, and this leaves your hair smoother and dries it out less in the straightening process. The more you can minimize the heat damage to your hair with ionic hair straighteners the better your straight hair look will be on you and the more often you can perform the process without long term damage to your hair.