FHI Flat Irons and Breast Cancer Research

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Breast cancer touches the lives of almost everybody in one of another. Whether you are diagnosed yourself, a family member has fought the battle with this cancer, or you are genetically predisposed almost everyone is touched. For women this form of cancer can be devastating to cope with and science still has so much more to learn about the disease.

The makers of FHI flat irons has brought back their pink styling tools which are so popular with women to aid in the raising of funds for more research into breast cancer. These are the famous hair irons that can give you that gorgeous straight hair that you want in a fun pink color. Plus a portion of each sale of the pink FHI flat iron goes toward Pink Link an online non-profit agency which is helping find the cure for this cancer which touches the lives of so very many women and the families that depend on them.

Of course this offer is good for not only flat irons but also all the pink colored FHI hair styling products. This includes blow dryers and curling irons on top of the really cool pink flat iron.

New Test Detects Breast Cancer with Strand of Hair

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A new test designed to detect breast cancer may soon be available for sale in Europe. The test is called Fermiscan and is capable of detecting the disease in its early stage, when it is the easiest to treat. This new revolution can detect cancer from just 20 strands of hair, needing only to be an inch long, by identifying changes of the hair’s structure of someone suffering from cancer.


Breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer Worldwide and is the most common cause of cancer death in women.