How To Avoid Ponytails

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When you walk into a room wearing a sloppy ponytail thrown on top of your head, everyone can tell what your thought process was that day. You either didn’t feel like taking time to style your hair or you woke up late and didn’t have time to do anything but throw it up quick. Whether this is true for you or not, it is true for a lot of women. Face it, ponytails are the easy way out when we don’t straighten or curl our hair. When you do this to your hair it isn’t necessarily ugly looking but it doesn’t always look as professional as your hair looks when it’s down and straight or curled. If sleek is what you’re going for every day, then I am going to teach you ways to avoid a ponytail.

Before I get too far into it, I want to make it clear that straightening is not better wearing a ponytail. Usually it’s better to avoid straightening but when you want to change up your look every once in a while from wearing a plain ponytail, you should consider these tips. There are looks that are nicer than a bun or pony on top of your head repeatedly each day. One of the best ways to prevent this style each day is to shower at night. For some that may not make sense but it’s simple when you think about it. If you shower in the morning, you may not have time to blow dry and straighten your hair before work or school. But if you shower at night, you can wake up in the morning and go straight to styling and save yourself some time in your daily routine. Make sure that when you wake up your hair isn’t still wet from sleeping on damp hair all night. That is when the damage comes into play.

Another way to avoid ponytails is to look in magazines and online for fun styles that match the current season. In summer, braids become very popular so try a side braid that flows over the shoulder. This will look chic and will help you prevent some heat damage at the same time. Decide whether you like your hair long or short for this next tip because if you can’t stand to see your hair at a short length then this may not be for you. My next tip for avoiding ponytails is to get your hair cut to a very short length. When your hair is chin length or shorter, you usually don’t have enough hair to pull it back into a ponytail. This tip may be a little more extreme than the others and should definitely be thought about before you just cut all your hair off. If you really wouldn’t mind having to style your hair the same way each day then go for a chop-off. But if you want to be able to do an occasional pony, my advice would be to get a cut but not so short that it can’t be pulled behind your head.

Using hair shears to avoid a ponytail style may be extreme, like I said, but some girls prefer short hair over long hair. They say it is away from their face and out of their way each day so they prefer that shorter look. Personally, the first tip I would try is the showering at night tip. It wouldn’t be as time consuming and makes the most sense to me. Like I said, every once in a while a ponytail doesn’t mean you’re a dirtbag or that you are lazy. If you style it right and make it fun and flirty, you will surely get good reactions and feedback. But if you continually wear a ponytail every day, people might think of you as boring and your look won’t be as playful as it could be.

2010 Hairstyle Trend – Braided Hair

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Braids are hot for 2010 Hairstyles and with so many different ways to wear them, they are perfect for everything from school to work to a formal outing. Braids have popped up throughout the years on celebritiesĀ  such as Drew Barrymore, Sienna Miller andĀ  Paris Hilton but you can definitely expect to see many more celebrities sporting this popular Spring 2010 Hairstyle.

Braided hairstyles can be worn in many ways from a simple side braid to a creative updo. You really cant go wrong with 2010 hairstyle trend so have fun with it!

New Styles for Braids

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Braids are coming back in style, but not the classic braid off the back of your head we all are so used to. Braids wrapped around the head like a headband is very chic currently and to get this look you need to start with smooth straight hair. Use ceramic hair straighteners to make sure your locks are smooth and silky to get the perfect start to this look. Once your hair is prepped create gorgeous braids and then get creative wrapping them around your head to get interesting looks that even a starlet will be envious of.

Braids for Summer

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It looks like braids are making a comeback this summer whether one braid or many the look is causing a stir on the fashion catwalks. If you are like me it has been quite awhile since you braided hair and maybe you are a little on the out of touch side with getting them done neatly. The key is to use the smoothest hair possible to create smooth perfect braids. If the summer humidity has your hair a little extra kinky then try running your locks through professional hair straighteners to remove them before you start your braid.