The Life Of A Straight Girl

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People often ask me what my natural hair looks like. Recently, I have been lazy about styling my hair each day and just have had no time to do anything besides shower and let it hang the whole day. Of course it dries as the day goes on but so many people ask if I straighten my hair after it dries because it looks pin straight, draping down my shoulders. The truth is, I probably have the straightest hair known to mankind. Having naturally straight hair does have its perks at times but it definitely is not as fun as having wavy hair.

When I wake up in the morning and begin styling my hair, I realize how straight my hair already is and instantly, I know that my routine will not take as long as most girls my age. Since my hair is so naturally straight, I can cut about twenty minutes off of  my “getting ready for the day” time each morning. I either let it go for the day, only running a brush through the ends or I throw it up in a ponytail. This is a benefit of having straight hair because it allows me to focus on eating a bigger breakfast, doing my makeup better, or picking out a prettier outfit. But there are some cons to having straight hair too.

Each time that I look in my hair in the mirror, I am reminded how dull and boring it is. I wish that somedays it would hold a little bounce in the roots. I can barely even tease my hair because it’s so thin and fine and straight. Thicker, curlier hair tends to hold volume much easier. It’s also not fun having straight hair because you can’t really mix up your style each day. It gets boring wearing my hair straight day after day while other girls can scrunch their hair with gel some days and show off their natural waves.

I do use hair straighteners, but not as often as most people my age. This could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it. It saves me some time and damage to my ends but it also limits what else I can do to style my hair each morning, especially if I don’t have time to do something fun like curl it to be bouncy. There may be others in the world with the same problem that I have, but I must say, my hair has got to be one of the straightest out there.

Curling That Thin Straight Hair

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Women with curly hair tend to be envious of those with straight hair and vice versa, but both forget that when you have one you want the other and it can be hard for some to get that look that they want. For those with that straight hair luxurious curls are the goal and if your hair is thin then getting those curls in and getting them to stay can be difficult. By using a professional ceramic curling irons and some spritz you can coax that lifeless hair into having more body and bounce with just a little practice.

Thinning Thick Hair For Better Style

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Having a hair style with many layers is a great way to thin hair which very thick and heavy which will allow the beautiful natural waves in the hair appear more full of life. Too often those with very thick hair complain about the lack of bounce in their hair and wonder what they can do to get their hair to be not only full but vibrant as well. Using Kamisori thinning shears to create layers in this thick hair will help lighten the weight placed on the hair and allow it to be bouncier and healthier.

Getting Better Volume With Thin Hair

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If you are one of the unlucky women who have naturally thin hair it is hard for you to get a good looking hairstyle with any volume and body that will remain in your hair past lunchtime. Women with fine hair usually find their best hair styles are shorter cuts which include layers which give them the most bounce and body for their naturally. Then from their it is easy to use a 1 inch curling iron to give the hairstyle a little more body and style. Just because your hair tends to be flat does not mean you have to leave it that way.

Using Your Hair Dryer To Style Your Hair

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Many women feel that their hair dryer is strictly for drying their hair, and forget that it can be a primary styling tool as well. Once your hair is dry a soft bristled round brush and an ionic hair dryer can make a great duo for creating volume in your hair. You can easily use the dryer and the brush to comb to flip the ends of your hair and add some bounce and spring to your hairstyle. Also applying the heat from the dryer while combing by your roots will create more lift and volume to your tresses than you may have had before. Do not be afraid to play around and see what kind of looks you can get with your hair dryer.

Add Volume To That Flat Hair

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Not only can a hair straightening iron make hair smooth and even add some wavy curl, but it can also be used to add just a little volume to flat lifeless hair. A hair iron with think blades can easily be used to add a little life and bounce into hair that is wanting to just lay flat and be oh so dull. The more and more you use a hair straightener the more hairstyles you can dream up and create with your hair. These are some of the most versatile hair tools any woman can add to her styling set.

Get This Look using a Hairstraightener

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A Chignon sits lower on the head than a basic bun so be sure to focus on the nape of your neck as you style.

  1. Towel-dry your hair and apply a loonie-sixed dollop of mousse evenly throughout to add texture and volume.
  2. Blow-dry with a round brush to add bounce and then set with hot rollers or a curling iron. Concentrate curls on the bottom half of your hair,-keep the roots and crown smooth and use a hair straightener for your bang area.
  3. Let hair cool and professional hair brush to bring out the shine.
  4. Secure hair in a low ponytail at the nape of the neck, swept off to one side. Leave a one-inch-wide piece stray and wrap it around the hair elastic to conceal it. Secure with a bobby pin.
  5. To add more texture, backcomb the ponytail. Don’t be afraid of your bun being too messy, this will be the beauty of it-it doesn’t have to look perfect.
  6. Pin the hair under in small sections to create the chignon. Don’t go crazy with the hairspray. Instead, make sure it will stay put by anchoring the base with enough bobby pins.

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Hair Straightening Irons for Straight or Curly Hair

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It is one of those strange things in life that every girl born with straight hair wishes she had some curl, while the girls who were born with those natural curls want that sleek straight hair she doesn’t have. Of course you can’t get all new hair, but you can make your hair what you want it to be, and the solution for both is a professional flat iron that you can use not only to straighten those locks, but to add some waves in them as well if that is what you prefer. All of this in one handy lightweight titanium hair straightener!

Modern hair straightening irons are easy to use, affordable, and even versatile. In no time you can be styling your hair like a pro getting the looks that all the Hollywood starlets have all with one simple tool. Use the tourmaline ceramic flat iron to get sleek, shiny straight hair one day, then use it again the next to add some fun waves that have great bounce and body. Of course it is possible to damage your hair with a flat iron so it is important to use the proper temperature settings and never use the iron on your hair unless it is a wet to dry flat iron made just for drying while straightening.