New Looks For That Long Hair

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Before you get bored with your long hair because you cannot think of new ways to style it other than curled or straight consider doing some updos before you consider getting a haircut. Once you have cut off those long locks with hair salon scissors you cannot get it back. So if you have been thinking you want short hair but do not want to sacrifice your long hair than do some stylish updos with your hair and get those short styles without letting go of that long hair other women pay good money to get.

A Simple Way To Change Your Hairstyle

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If you are bored with your current hairstyle and yet you do not want to go so far as to do a major change in your appearance maybe you should consider adding bangs or changing your existing ones. The change that occurs in a hairstyle by just changing your bangs can actually be very dramatic. If you do not have any cut your hair so that you do or try styling the bangs you have differently. Use a hair straightening iron to remove the curl and wave of your bangs while you leave the rest of your hair naturally wavy. Really the possibilities are endless yet the drastic change that you would have to do your hair is minimal so give it a try.

Several Ways to Get Different Curls in Your Hair

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Many women use their curling iron the exact same way every time and then get frustrated and bored with the curls they achieve in their hair. Wrapping different amounts of hair around the barrel will have different effects on the curl you achieve with your hair iron. For more pronounced curls in your hair wrap smaller amounts of hair around the curling iron at one time so that the heat can affect each strand fully. For looser curls that are softer to the touch than wrap more hair around the curling iron barrel to create the looser more relaxed look.

Of course the only way to change the actual size of the curl you will get is by using a larger or smaller barrel on your curling iron. A 1 inch curling iron is a good overall iron to use for the average curl. But if you want smaller tighter curls then you will need to use a curling with a much smaller barrel than 1 inch. While if you want really large curls then you of course will need to use a large barrel.