Getting Curls That Will Stay In Your Hair

August 7, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

Have you ever spent hours curling your hair and the minute you leave the house the curl just comes right out and you are left with the look of straight hair that needs to be combed? For some people the curls just will not stay in their locks and putting too many styling products on the hair to keep it place just makes it stiff and untouchable which nobody wants hair like that. If you truly want great curls without having to use too many styling products then take a good look at your curling iron since that is probably a large part of your problem.

Cheap drugstore curling irons are actually not very good at heating up evenly throughout the blades and this means that your hair will curl at different rates based on how hot each spot is. In the areas on the blade that are not as hot the hair will not curl as effectively as in the warmer areas. This means your hair will look curled when in actuality it is only partially curled. For truly great looking curls that will stay once you are done using your iron you should consider spending just a bit more for a professional ceramic curling iron which heats up evenly for effective curling.