Using A 2 Inch Curling Iron For Big Loose Curls

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Many Hollywood stars are putting large loose curls into the ends of their long straight hair to get a wavy casual look that comes across as absolutely stunning. These curls are easy to get by using 2 inch curling irons to create large loose curls that create body and style in the ends of your hair. You can use these larger curling irons to create these big curls not only in the ends of your hair but over the whole head as well. This can create a wonderful look with lots of body in your hair that others will envy.

Getting Big Loose Curls On The Tips Of Your Hair

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Many Hollywood actresses are placing large curls in the bottom of their otherwise straight hair and so many women now want to achieve this look for themselves. Some wonder if the curls are coming from hot rollers or a curling iron in these hairstyles. Generally most of them are using 2 inch curling irons to get these curls in the ends. A barrel this size will leave the curl loose and free as opposed to a smaller barrel size which will create a tight curl which just does not look natural at the ends of long straight hair as the big curl does.

Shopping For Just the Right Curling Iron

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There are so many types of curling irons available it can be confusing when you head out to buy one which one is best for you, your needs, and your wallet. Of course it is tempting for some women to buy a low cost drugstore curing iron, but in the long run this is never a good idea for your hair. These irons do not last as long and are not as good for your hair as the better professional based models you will find at beauty supply dealers.

Once you make the decision to purchase a professional curling iron then you need to consider what size of barrel and what features you want the curling iron to have. Of course you really cannot go wrong with the choice between a ceramic, ionic, and even a tourmaline curling iron. All of these irons are designed to help keep your hair healthy no matter how often you use them to style your hair. The bigger decision for many women will be the size of the barrel they want to purchase. Smaller barrels make smaller tighter curls while larger barrels make more wavy hair with big loose curls. For many a barrel size in the middle of the road will work out great while others want a couple of barrel sizes to get different looks and have some fun with their hairstyle.

Getting Tousled Curls

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Tousled curls are a great look whether your hair is short, bobbed, or long the beach inspired waves is a good look for any hair length. To get this look all you need is a little spritz and a 1 inch curling iron. With your curling iron held vertically to your head create lots of big loose curls by applying the heat for about five seconds per each small section. Once you have the base curled into your hair tousle your locks and add a little spritz to keep it place. From there this style will go anywhere with nonchalance and ease.