Other Benefits of Tourmaline Hair Dryers

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Most everyone has heard by now the benefit of using tourmaline hair dryers and how the negative ions from the dryer will help your hair be its absolute healthiest. There are other benefits to these hair dryers as well that you do not hear about as often as the negative ions. These dryers are very lightweight making them much easier to use to dry your hair. If your hair styling tool is too heavy than using it is a chore that you do not want. Of course the biggest benefit is the salon results you can get every day in your very own home. Less frizz, healthier hair, and just a overall noticeable improvement in your appearance from these quality hair dryers.

Better Temperature Control With Ceramic Straighteners

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Everyone talks about the negative ions associated with ceramic hair straighteners and how they make your hair healthier, but there are other benefits to these hair irons as well. Ceramic is a super conductor of heat and this means that hair styling irons using this material heat up and cool down quickly. These ceramic plates are easier to control the temperature of since the plates react better to the temperature setting adjustments you make. This means you can more effectively straighten your hair to get the look and appearance you want to get.

Curls Are Back In Style

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For quite some time now long straight hair has been the hairstyle of choice for most women who love to follow the fashion trends. But now curly hair is making a comeback as the in style with gorgeous wavy curls coming in varying shapes to give the hair a sassy carefree look. While a hair straightening iron can be used in a pinch to get some curl into your hair, a professional curling iron is really the best hair tool for the job.

To get these hot wavy curls that every woman is eyeing this fall you will need a 1 inch curling iron or larger. This is big enough to create wavy curls and if placed randomly in the hair will create that beach look that is so in right now. Of course you do not have to have long hair to create this look, to some degree this can be accomplished in short hair as well. The trick is to create curl sparingly and make them random throughout the hair. Keeping it loose will give the appearance of carefree bouncy hair perfect for at the office or even on the town.

Getting That Tousled Long Hair Look

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One of the latest fashion trends for hair involves laid back wavy hair very similar to the classic beach look that comes natural to some lucky women. This look can be easily attended by most anyone though with a simple hair curling iron. It is best to use quality hair curling irons such as a ionic or ceramic based models which are so much better for your hair than the cheaply made drugstore models which have your hair against bare metal to curl the strands.

It is tempting to try and curl all of your hair to get this look and then hope you can mess it up enough to make it look natural. This is not the best way to get these carefree curls though. Use your curling iron to curl only random pieces of hair about two inches up from the bottom of the hair and stopping about eye level. These randomly created curls on only part of your head will give not only body but also the messy casual appearance that so many women want to achieve. This is one easy to get hairstyle that you will love to use your curling iron to create not only for work but also for a great night out.

Changing Your Look By Changing Your Curling Iron

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Many women get stuck in a curl rut when it comes to styling their hair since they only own one hair curling iron. By adding a second curling iron into your hair care toolkit you can create so many more styles than with just one curling iron. Try adding a curling iron with a very small barrel, this will give you the ability to make lots of small tight curls in your hair for a totally different appearance than you usually have. This can be a much better alternative to a new look than buying a whole new wardrobe and a much more versatile one as well.

Using A Diffuser On Your Hair Dryer

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You often are told it would be best to use a diffuser on the end of your hair blow dryer when you are drying your hair, but many women do not even know what one is let alone what one does in the drying process. The diffuser is an attachment that goes on the nozzle of the hair dryer and helps concentrate the airflow into a specific part of your hair. This is especially handy when your hair is styled or permed and you do not want to mess up the appearance of the hair.

Healthier Hair With Professional Hair Tools

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It does not matter how much time you spend in front of the mirror styling your hair it will not looks its best if it is dry and dull in appearance. This can be avoided by using professional styling products and tools. Drugstore hair products are harsh on your hair and will strip the natural moisture right out of your hair. Then if you style with cheap hair tools this will only get worse and your hair will never looks its best. To get your healthiest hair splurge a little and get the best hair care products and professional hair dryers and styling tools for the absolute best look.

Methods of Getting Straight Hair

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There are several ways to relax the curl in your hair to achieve that sleek straight hair appearance that many women want. You can get your hair chemically relaxed, but this is expensive and you should always try and avoid chemical methods, as they are really hard on your hair. Another method is by using hair straighteners in your home to flatten the curl out with these flat irons. This method must be done more often since just as with curling irons the heat only is effective for a day or two depending on the natural curliness of your hair. In the long run this method is probably the best one to straighten your hair and keep it healthy and vibrant.

Curling & Straightening with a Flat Iron

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If you like to go back and forth between straight hair and wavy or curly hair you may be surprised to know that the only professional hair styling tool you need is a hair straightening iron. Most women think you have to have a curling iron and a flat iron if you want to achieve these looks, but with a professional flat iron and little practice you can achieve any of them very easily with just the flat iron.

The main difference in these looks is how you glide the hair iron through your hair. With all of the styles you start at the root of your hair and glide the ceramic hair iron slowly to the tip. Of course for straight hair you smoothly and slowly glide straight down the strands of hair. But for curly or wavy hair instead of gliding smoothly down the length of the hair you use a twist. This twisting motion will add a little bit of body to the curl, and the more you turn your wrist the more the curl will be pronounced in your hairs appearance.

Of course this sounds easy, and really it is. But as with most things you may not get it on the first try. Just keep practicing with your hair staightening iron and soon your friends will think you are spending a fortune at the salon.

New Hairstyles for Women

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Thinking of getting a new look? With summer just around the corner I know I am. I think summer time is the perfect opportunity to go lighter, to try something new and have fun with it!

A new hairstyle can be scary for some, especially for those who are not used to change. Change is good, and what better way then to get a new look? A new hair style can make a huge difference in your over all appearance, and even help to boost your confidence!

So, if you are ready to take the step and get a new look start doing some research. Check out What’s Hot for 2008 Hairstyle’s and search for pictures of hairstyles online or in beauty mags to get an idea of what interests you.

Another great way to add change to your hair is by trying a new way of styling it. You can create many different hairstyles with the right hair styling tools, hair products and of course, with experimenting!

Ideas for a New Hairstyle-

Here are some great Before & After Photos to give you an idea of how much a New Hairstyle can Make a Big Impact!







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