Shopping For A Ceramic Hair Straightener

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Shopping for a hair straightener can be very confusing; the only thing most girls know for certain is that they want a ceramic hair straightener. Many hair irons tout all sorts of additional features such as titanium and tourmaline and these features really only add to the confusion on what to look for in a quality iron. For the most part getting your hair straightener from a salon supply store will get you a professional hair iron that will work better than anything that you can get at any drugstore. One quick way to get the iron you need is to ask around and talk to other women to see which irons they have used and how they feel those irons work for them.

Making Sure Your Curling Iron Is Clean

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Many women never stop to think about how dirty their curling iron gets even with just occasionally usage. Between just the dirt and grime that collects on anything and the build up of hairspray and styling products your curling iron does get grimy which can affect its performance. This dirt and grime cannot be good for your hair when you heat it up and apply it again each and every morning. Of course you will read all sorts of cleaning methods on the internet, many of which are not good for your iron. The best way to clean the hair curling irons is to find out from the maker of the tool what they recommends to clean the unit.

Sassy Bobs

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Bobs are coming back into style this fall but they are not the same short hair that your mom used to have. These bobs have all sorts of attitude thanks to the great hair styling tools that women have available to them now. Use a large barrel curling iron to give body to your bob, and then finish your look off by using a hair styling iron on your bangs for a fresh new look that everyone will love. The interesting contrast between the wavy bob and the flat bangs will create a look that showcases your face.

Getting That Hair You Truly Want

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Like it or not everyone is born with either straight or curly hair, and of course it seems every woman wants the one she was not born with. This is only natural to want a look that is not what you are used to and luckily there are some great styling products and tools to go from one extreme to another with absolute ease and without damaging your hair if done correctly.

For those with naturally curly or wavy hair there is hair straightening irons to smooth out those locks and give you sleek luxurious tresses. There are many professional hair straighteners available to get even the curliest hair straight and smooth without damaging your hair. Though it is very important to make sure you get truly professional hair irons as the cheap drugstore brands will dry out and damage your hair increase the frizz factor.

For those with straight hair they cannot seem to do anything with but leave it laying limp and boring on their head there is all sorts of curling irons in many sizes. By varying the size of the barrel you can do anything from large waves to many tight curls all by simply applying just a little heat to your locks.

You Ask – How Can I Make Hair Grow?

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Personally, my hair has never grown! No, I ‘m serious, after I got gum stuck in it when I was 8 and mom had to put the ol’ bowl around my head and cut it like no other little boy I ever saw, it just never grew back. Well, I guess it did somewhat. I will see friends then not see them for a year and they will say ” Hey you always get your hair cut the same length,” uh, NO, it just doesn’t grow! I have tried all sorts of things, never did try that one, you know, the ad with the girl in black and white with really long hair. The ad promises you can grow your hair within 7 days. If I can’t grow my hair within a year then I doubt there is a magic formula that’s gonna do it in 7 days! I hope I wasn’t wrong.


Some girls, like Giselle here, have naturally wavy, thick, beautiful hair. Not only would I love to have her hair but I think I could deal with a bit of her looks too! I found a couple sites that “say” they will help grow your hair, make it thicker and so on. If anyone tries these products I would love it if you could let me know if they actually work. Here’s one and another There products are different from one another but say they will do the same thing.


The best product that actually worked for me were vitamins. Vegetal Silica, Horsetail Root. These vitamins proved to actually make a noticeable difference in the growth of my hair. Oh, plus one other thing, pregnancy!!! Wow did my hair ever grow then, like weeds.

I also recommend taking a look at our past post on Healthy Hair Care. This post is full of great advice on maintaining healthy hair, which can also help lead to better hair growth.