Spotting a Professional Hair Dryer

July 15, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

Just because the hair dryer you are considering buying says the word salon or professional on it or somewhere in the title does not necessarily mean it truly is a professional quality hair dryer. If you want a blow dryer that will truly last for you and not give out after only a few months of use consider getting one of the real professional hair dryers available.

The things which make these quality blow dryers better than there drugstore counterparts are things such as ac motors, a barrel that narrows toward the end, a heavier ac cord (for that ac motor), in addition the unit will not feel overly heavy in your hand as well. Professional units use ac motors, as these types are able to stand up to continuous use day after day while the less inexpensive dc motors are more likely to give out on a user over time. The barrel becoming narrower toward the tip of the blow dryer helps to concentrate the heat and air coming from the unit to maximize the blowing power of the professional blow drying unit.

Professional blow dryers do cost a little more up front, but they will perform better and outlast any inexpensive blow dryer available. In the end your best buy is the professional hair dryer.