Starlet Hairstyles

October 20, 2011 by  

Some of the hottest hairstyles come from celebrities who are just making their way into stardom. A great hair inspiration among the starlets is Selena Gomez. From full bangs to luscious waves, this teen pulls off any hairstyle she wears and makes it easy while she’s at it!

A perfect example of a Selena Gomez hairstyle is her pin straight look paired with voluptuous full bangs. Even though this isn’t one of her more common styles, it is common among teens these days. After one celebrity does their hair a certain way, trends begin to spread and become more popular among the teen generation. Teens who are looking for an updated look tend to turn to their styling tools. The only tool that can make this style a reality for your hair is your straightener.

The first step is to prepare your hair while it’s still damp by applying straightening cream followed by parting your hair down the middle. Next grab a blow dryer and a round brush to speed up the drying process. Using your round brush, comb straight down through your hair, careful not to twist the brush but just run it through the strands.

Do not forget to dry your bangs to make them look as full and bouncy as possible. Start by pulling back all of your hair, leaving just the bangs down and run the round brush through your bangs while drying them. This time it’s okay to spin the brush as you’re drying so that they form into a rounded shape. You may even want to begin the straightening process with your bangs while the rest of your hair is still pulled back. Straightening the bangs is done by a wrist technique. Starting at the root of your bangs, lift the straightener up and turn your wrist forty-five degrees to add that extra bounce.

In order to get the pin straight look your main element in creating this style will be your straightener. Begin with spritzing your thermal spray all over in your hair but make sure it is completely dry before you start the straightening process. Next separate your hair into sections so you can run the straightener through easily without tangles. The key to creating Selena’s style is to really focus on making each and every strand straight as a pin. To do this you will need to run your iron through your hair very slowly. While it does take time to create the extreme straightness, make sure you aren’t holding the iron on a certain area for more than three seconds.

As you can see your hair straightener is the most important part of creating a great Selena Gomez hairstyle. Selena has the naturally wavy hair that may be hard to straighten which is why she is the perfect inspiration for girls who have thick, coarse hair. As hard as it may seem, using your straightener will really help. The last thing you’ll want to do in order to keep the hold on your straight mane is to run wax slowly through your hair with your fingers. In less than thirty minutes you could be looking as stylish and chic as your favorite celebrities.