Japanese Hair Straightening

July 21, 2008 by  

You may keep hearing about Japanese Thermal Hair Straightening and wonder what it is exactly and if it would be a good idea for you to use this method to straighten your hair. The Japanese straightening method uses a combination of chemicals and professional hair straighteners to permanently remove the curl from hair. This of course will only work on the hair that is on the head so as hair grows out that hair will not be straightened. This means that this process will need done about twice a year if you would like to keep this look going.

This process is not one that can be done at home and the cost can easily be $500, so convenience is not a word that describes this chemical treatment. Much like a reverse perm with heat applied by a hair straightening iron included this is not a process you would want to site through often. I personally am not into any chemicals being used on my hair so would rather just spend the time every couple of days to use the hair straightening iron in my bathroom to get my hair sleek and straight.