How Does Ionic Technology Work?

November 23, 2008 by  

You know when you are towel dry your hair or brush your dry hair and all of a sudden it seems to be frizzy and sometimes full of static? This is because the friction from the towel or brush pulls away the negative ions and leaves your hair with a positive charge which in turn causes the static and frizz.

Ionic hair dryers and hair straighteners with ionic technology work to emit negative ions which in turn neutralize the hairs atoms and eliminate the static and frizz making the hair smoother. Ionic technology also works to dry your hair faster as it causes the water molecules to fall of the hair shaft more quickly.

For those of you with very fine or lifeless hair, ionic technology is not the best for you as it works to reduce the activity in the hair. If you use a hair iron or dryer that features ionic technology be sure to stay clear of your roots, only using your ionic styling tools for the bottom and back sections of your hair.

If you find that when using a hair straightener it leaves your roots flat, don’t start straightening directly from the roots. To help get more volume at the roots with your flat iron pull the iron straight up, as if creating a Mohawk, while straightening and use a flexible hairspray to spray the roots before letting hair back down.