Hair Iron vs. Hair Straightener

October 28, 2008 by  

If you are new to the world of hair styling, or just exploring some new hair styling tools for the first time you may be confused about the terms that are frequently used. For example, what’s the difference between a hair straightener and a hair iron? When you’re searching for hair tools, you will frequently run across both of these terms used almost interchangeably.


The truth is, there’s no real difference. Generally, the terms hair straightener and hair iron can be used fairly interchangeably. However, a lot of the term usage may determine on the region that you live, or simply personal preference. Some people prefer to use the term hair straightener because that is the primary use for the tool. However, it may be a limiting term because the tool can do so much more than straighten.


Hair straighteners, or hair irons can also loosely curl, flip ends in or out and create a number of different styles. To call such a versatile hair tool a straightener may be limiting it to only one major purpose because the truth is that a hair straightener or iron is a multi use tool. Perhaps more so than the curling iron.


Ultimately, whether you call it a hair straightener or a hair iron, the tool does the same job and you must be prepared to research your purchase carefully before you invest in one. Look for a hair straightener that is made of ceramic or titanium plates and that utilizes the power of tourmaline for the most effective styling power out there.


By taking the time to research your hair styling tools, you will be making the best possible investment in your hair and your styling efforts which will result in gorgeous, healthy and shiny hair that is beautifully styled every time.