Getting the Best Hair Dryer For The Money

August 25, 2008 by  

If you are like me you use your hair dryer constantly, and in the past I always purchased the drugstore models, which were not very expensive, and I quickly burned them up. Another negative aspect of these cheap hair dryers was the damage I was doing to my hair each and every day by using them. All they were doing was taking the air around them, heating it up, and blowing it onto my hair. This was drying out my already over-styled hair and making me prone to split ends and damage, which created frizzy unmanageable hair.

I finally spent the money to get a professional ionic hair dryer and what a difference a quality dryer makes for not only getting my hair dried efficiently but the benefits for my hair increased as well. These ionic hair dryers are much kinder on your hair and actually use special technology to replace the ions in my hair that combing removes. This means healthier, shinier hair that is free of damage and split ends. All of this in a blow dryer which also has long outlasted any drugstore hair dryer I have ever owned and used.