Getting Flips In The Tips of Your Straight Hair

October 28, 2008 by  

You do not have to make your hair totally flat when you are using a hair straightening iron on you hair. You can create a look that is fairly flat but with either a flip on the ends of your hair that either flips up or flips under. To get this great look you do not have to use a straightening iron and a curling iron separately you can get the complete look with your hair straightening iron making it simple and fast to create.

To get the flip in the ends of your hair simply use your hair iron as usual working from the roots to the tips of your hair. This will create the smooth flat hair on the upper part of your hair do but when you get to within two inches of the ends of your hair you will need to create a slight curl in the ends. Depending on whether you want the ends to flip out or flip under will depend on which way you curl but once you decide wrap the last couple of inches of your hair in the flat iron and give a small twist to create the flip. This is a fun look that is simple to create and will look great for most any occasion.