Don’t Sell it Short! Your Flat Iron can do much More than just Straighten Hair!

September 24, 2010 by  

The term “flat iron” is most commonly associated with straight, silky, shiny hair. But flat irons can do so much more, including and body and curls to your hair. The processes described below will help you achieve any of these styles.

First, to curl your hair with a flat iron, you will obviously need a flat iron. Investing in a quality flat iron such as a CHI hair straightener will give you better results. Comb through your hair until it is smooth and tangle free.  Part it where you naturally would and divide it into smaller sections that will be easier to work with.   Depending on how many curls and what size of curls you’re after, you should choose larger or smaller sections. Thicker hair or if you desire tighter curls will require smaller sections; finer hair or if you desire looser curls will require bigger sections.

Next, start on the underside of all of your hair. Grasp a  piece of hair and clamp the hair straightener close to the roots, just as you would if you were going to straighten the hair.   When you begin to pull the flat iron down, turn it about 60 to 90 degrees, like you are twirling the hair around the flat iron, but do not twirl it all the way around (this would make it impossible to pull through).  Pull the flat iron slowly through your hair, keeping it at an angle – the slower the better to get the curl you want. At the end, twist the flat iron just a little more, this will help make sure there are no straight ends.

After you pull the flat iron all the way through the section, wrap the curled hair around your fingers to reinforce the shape. Allow the hair to cool before moving, it will have a very tight look, but it will fall later. You may want to spritz the section with a light, volumizing hair spray for better hold.

Repeat these steps for all the sections of hair on your head. Once you have curled your whole head of hair, shake out the tight curls and tousle your tresses to give them a looser, natural look. For more volume and body, you can backcomb a few sections of your hair at the crown of your head.

Curling your hair with a flat iron is easy and provides silky, shiny, fizz free curls all with one, versatile tool.