Different altitudes and your hair

June 28, 2008 by  

Something that I have noticed every time I travel is the change in my hair and skin. I am not talking about some far away place you need to take a plane to. I mean maybe just a 4 hour drive! I would be thinking I look pleasing to the eye only to have 2 days after arriving both my skin and hair look awful. This happens because of change of altitude and different types of water. For athletes and mountain climbers changing altitudes causes extreme stress so how could it possibly not affect your skin and hair?


Take note that there is nothing you can do about this change, it can take up to 2 weeks but normally 1-3 days for your body to climatize. Even if you move somewhere your body and its changes are only temporary.  Other than hair and skin there are more changes that occur, within your whole body.   Some people get very sick, facial sweating, and nauseated for days only to mention a few of them.

You can, however try a herbal supplement, I found a site that carries one. It is supposed to help bring blood and energy to the lungs and has been shown to minimize and in some cases eliminate negative affects on the body. This site is, hopefully this will help those of you planning to go somewhere this summer or making a move. Remember though your air hand skin are the least of your concerns, altitude will affect every person everywhere in worse ways than your skin and hair. You can find out more about this by googling “Affects on the body with change in altitude” Till next time Good Luck,