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Questions about which hair straightener you should choose? Many people have heard of the brand names such as CHI, GHD, FHI, etc, but there are many newer brands which are just as good or better and offer extra features – such as longer warranties, adjustable temperatures, etc

A real life user gives a comparison of her CHI Original Hair Straightener and the Karmin Titanium Hair Straightener.  Check it out.

Karmin Salon Pro G3 Hair Straightening Flat Iron Before & After Pictures

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Getting to see the results of a hair straightener before you buy is always a good thing! Here are some before and after pictures for the Karmin Salon Pro Styling Iron. This hair straightener works great on all hair types, making frizzy, curly hair sleek, smooth and shiny!

Before After

Joining A Group Of Flat Iron Users On the Web

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We all see this great looking women on runways and on TV with beautiful straight hair and yet it seems to me that so many of use normal women just cannot get this look no matter how hard we seem to try. For many their hair just seems to have a mind of their own and it just seems to want to be frizzy and out of control. Yet there are stories all the time about how a professional hair straightener can get rid of that frizz and curl to give you that long sleek gorgeous hair that you want. But then there are the stories that hair straightening irons do not work well and that the celebs we see just have great looking hair because they have stylists to take care of them.

Well regular women can get gorgeous straight hair by using a professional hair straightener and there are even groups out there willing to talk about which irons they use and how they get those great results. There are many flat iron users on facebook that share all kinds of information and even before and after photos of themselves to help other women who want to get this really hot look.

Karmin Salon Pro G3 – Before & After Photos

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Hey, it’s Erin from My Hair Styling tools and I tested out the new Karmin Salon Pro G3 Straightening Iron today and was very pleased with the results so I wanted to share them with you

! Not only does this flat iron work amazingly, with a high of 420F, heating up in seconds and leaving my hair super smooth and shiny,  but it is available in 3 hot, super sleek GLOSSY shades of Hot Pink, White and Black.

So here are my Before & After Pictures…..



Before - Back

Before - Back

And after 10 mins……..

After - Back

After - Back

My hair is so soft and shiny! There is no frizz or flyaways and it looks healthier!

The Karmin salon Pro G3 is available in early 2009 @ My Hair styling Tools.


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Karmin Hair Iron Before & After Photos – Customer Review

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Chrystal Writes -

I love how the karmin Titanium is safe enough to use on my hair extensions. It leaves my hair looking soft, smooth and shiny.



Hair Straightener Before & After Photos

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Ana Writes;

My daughter, who is 10, has very beautiful hair but you know kids, never happy with what they have. She thinks it’s too ‘poofy’ and says the kids make fun of her hair so I decided to let her try a hair straightener. I chose the Karmin Hair Straightener after reading many great reviews and doing a lot of searching online. Needless to say, as you can see in the photos, my daughter loves how smooth and straight it makes her hair. I like the fact that it does not cause damage like those cheap flat irons do. It was a great price too!

Thank you from a Very Happy Mom!


Karmin Titanium Before & After Pictures

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Just wanted to share a few photos I received from a couple of happy customers of the Karmin Titanium Hair Iron.

Shirley writes;

I am so happy with this hair iron! I have very frizzy, curly, fine and thin hair and was worried that straightening it wouldn’t help it much but it worked better than expected! I am very impressed and really like how it adds shine and makes the overall appearance of my hair look healthier. Thank you! S.S.

P.S. Excellent Customer Service and Fast Shipping!

shirley-before-and-after-2.jpg shirley-before-and-after.jpg

Kayla Writes;

This Flat Iron is fantastic! I have long layered hair and like to slightly curl the ends of my hair under to show off the layers. The Karmin makes my hair so smooth and shiny, it looks fabulous and NO frizz!! Thanks!!!!


Trish Writes;

I never thought I could ever actually have straight hair, it has always been extremely curly and frizzy. I was using so much gel my hair was getting so dried out and looked horrible. I bought the Karmin Hair Straightening Iron and I can’t believe how much better my hair looks, it actually looks healthier! It is so soft and best of all, no more hair gel! Thanks My Hair Styling Tools for introducing me to my new best friend!


Tracy Writes;

Hello, and thank you, thank you for inspiring me to style my hair on a regular basis! I have very long hair, it is fine but I do have a lot of it. My hair has a natural wave to it that I never became accustomed to. I have tried many different hair straighteners but was never satisfied with final results. I pondered the thought of actually investing more money on “just one more hair straightener!” After reading all positive reviews on your hair iron I thought why not! Not only was I not expecting to receive it in such a short time but when I used it, I thought I would cry. I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror and running my fingers through my hair. I am so incredibly pleased with my purchase that thanking you just doesn’t seem like enough…but THANK YOU…..