Getting Touchable Curls

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Many women feel that getting touchable curls is next to impossible but really it is much easier than they realize if they prepare their hair correctly and use the right tools to get the job done. Good curls always start in hair that has been washed and conditioned to be clean and healthy. Then the hair is properly dried so that the hair does not get dried out creating frizz in what should be smooth and luxurious hair. Finally a professional curling iron is used to create the look you really want to have in your hair.

How To Get That Curly Hair You Want

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To get curl into otherwise straight hair women have a couple of choices to go with depending on how often they want the look and whether or not they want to subject their hair to chemicals. Curls can be achieved through hair curling irons or via a permanent done at the salon. Perms as they are called will remain in your hair until it grows and the curl is cut from the ends of the hair and involve a long process using chemicals to add these curls. This is good if you want curls for a very long time and do not want to change your look too often.

The other alternative is to get the curl into your hair using a hot curling iron every time you wash and style your hair. Some women feel that this way is more time consuming than the perm and not the best option while others like the freedom this allows. Since the curls are not permanent you can change the degree in which you curl your hair each day or choose not to curl it all and go straight once in awhile. Really one way of curling your hair is not better than the other it is just a matter of personal preference on what you prefer.

Using Different Curling Iron Barrels For Different Styles

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Different sized curls can create such a different look that having more than one curling iron size in your bathroom it almost a must for getting some of the best styles out of your hair. Usually 1 inch curling irons are the best all around irons for getting curl into your hair, but for larger waves or tighter curls you will need a different barrel size to get those different curls. Having two or even more curling irons with different barrel sizes will give you the tools you need to create many different styles of curl in your hair.

Curling That Thin Straight Hair

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Women with curly hair tend to be envious of those with straight hair and vice versa, but both forget that when you have one you want the other and it can be hard for some to get that look that they want. For those with that straight hair luxurious curls are the goal and if your hair is thin then getting those curls in and getting them to stay can be difficult. By using a professional ceramic curling irons and some spritz you can coax that lifeless hair into having more body and bounce with just a little practice.

Ceramic The Best Material For Hair Tools

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If you use hair tools such as curling irons and hair straighteners then you know it is the heat, which forms the hair, as we want it to look. For the best results ceramic hair flat irons and curling irons are the most effective on getting those hot styles while not causing excess damage to the hair. Ceramic is much better at getting hot and staying the temperature you set it to be. So these irons will heat up quicker and will not have hot spots making your hair styling experience go smoother and quicker than if you use a iron made with lesser materials that will not hold the heat as well as ceramic.

Using A 2 Inch Curling Iron For Big Loose Curls

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Many Hollywood stars are putting large loose curls into the ends of their long straight hair to get a wavy casual look that comes across as absolutely stunning. These curls are easy to get by using 2 inch curling irons to create large loose curls that create body and style in the ends of your hair. You can use these larger curling irons to create these big curls not only in the ends of your hair but over the whole head as well. This can create a wonderful look with lots of body in your hair that others will envy.

Styling Your Hair Extensions

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Many women today want and have hair extensions to give them that very long hair which is in such high fashion that it is all over the runways. This allows women to have longer hair in a instant all without waiting for their hair to grow out from there last cut at the salon. Of course those with hair extensions may have to take certain care of them and depending on which type you get you may or may not even be able to style them with hot curling irons or flat irons.

All hair extension should be washed and conditioned just as you regular hair to keep them clean and at their most vital looking. How much post cleaning styling you can do will depend on the type of hair extensions that you received. Synthetic extensions cannot be subjected to coloring or heat from styling tools, as they are just not made to handle this type of treatment. But if you purchased real human hair extensions, than you can treat this hair just exactly as you treat your own natural hair by styling it with professional styling tools. Styling the extensions with ceramic curling irons and hair straightening irons to get the look you want to achieve.

Style That Naturally Curly Hair

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Many women born with naturally curl hair sometimes get frustrated with their hair since they feel their only style options are curly and frizzy curly. Luckily there are many products for curly hair to help tame those curls and get the most of that gorgeous hair you were naturally born with. Whether you just want to tame those curls or totally get rid of them there are some great professional hair tools available for daily use in the home to help you look your best and get those beautiful wavy curly styles that women with straight hair are so jealous of.

Handling Hot Hair Tools Safely

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Too many times individuals do not take the proper handling of hot hair tools seriously and they or someone around them end up getting hurt. Curling irons and hair straightening irons get very hot and these can result in some nasty burns to your scalp, hands, and neck. These electrical appliances are also usually used near a sink putting anyone in danger that happens to accidentally knock it into standing water. Be wary of burns and shock when you are working with your hot styling tools as accidents can happen literally in a heartbeat and cause major harm.

Newer Hairstyles For Older Women

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So many older ladies get that appointment with the beautician and get that classic perm for older ladies and feel they have the best style for their age group. Nonsense! Older women do not have to get that boring old perm and live with a hairdo that is just no fun. There are plenty of great styles for older women which incorporate wavy locks from 2 inch curling irons as well as even long hair so be daring a work with a stylist to find the hairstyle which compliments your facial appearance as well as your lifestyle and get out there and enjoy life.

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