Are Professional Hair Straighteners Tools Truly Better?

August 10, 2008 by  

I recently saw an article, which debated on whether you can get by using an inexpensive hair straightener instead of shelling out more money for a professional grade model with higher quality materials. The article did admit that the cheap hair iron was bad for your hair if it was used often as the metal plates are usually exposed directly on your hair. The overall opinion of the author was that if the user had course hair and used the hair straightening iron infrequently using a cheap iron would be ok and would not result in damage to your hair. That may be the case, but what is the point of buying a hair iron that are afraid to use too often and does not work very well when you do? It seems to me that is someone truly wants the option to straighten their hair when they feel like it using the best hair straightener iron you can possibly afford would be the way to go. Why risk damage to your hair and why get inferior performance from the hair iron by settling for a product, which just does not work very well at all? It seems like such as waste of not only money but time as well.