Are Blow Dryers Bad For Your Hair?

October 14, 2008 by  

There is always a debate raging on whether the use of hair dryers is bad for your hair or not among the stylists and women who use them. But the debate never tackles the question of whether they can be good for your hair. Of course in the past there really was nothing to debate, hair dryers were really good at drying your hair out completely! But that was then and this is now. Of course those old dryers that blow air over heated coils are still bad for your hair, but modern hair dryers are not and some of the latest models can actually be good for your hair.

Ceramic hair dryers were a major step in women being able to dry their hair without actually drying out your locks and damaging them to the point of unhealthy hair. These dryers do not just use hot air to dry out those locks but use negative ions to remove that moisture in a positive way. While the latest ionic hairdryers not only dry your hair without drying it out, they use ionic technology to break the water down instead of hot air to blow it away. Plus they will infuse your hair with those negative ions leaving it potentially healthier than before you started drying your tresses.