A good hair day, every day!

October 8, 2010 by  

Even when a woman has been using the same styling techniques every day for months, there are some days when she’ll wake up and just not be able to make her hair cooperate.Ever been this woman?  Not anymore!  There are several easy and inexpensive precautions you can take to ensure that every day is a good hair day and you never again have to leave the house in a sloppy pony tail or old hat.
The first step starts long before that fateful morning when nothing works right.  Always, always wash your hair with a quality shampoo. There are shampoos available for thick hair, thin hair, curly hair, color treated hair and many more.
In addition, be sure that you use are using an appropriate conditioning technique.  You can use a conditioner that must be washed out immediately or a conditioner in the form of a spray that you leave in the hair.  If you use a hair dryer and other heated styling tools on a regular basis, consider using a product that will protect your hair from heat exposure.
When you dry your hair, don’t forget that this is an important step in the styling process.  The way you dry your hair can drastically affect the way your hair lays and looks during the rest of the day.  To add volume, flip your head upside down and dry your hair starting at the nape of your neck and working you way outward with a brush.
If you intend to use another heated styling tool such as a hair straightener or curling iron, now would be a good time to spray the hair with a thermal protecting spray to prevent any unnecessary heat damage.
Whether you are straightening or curling the hair, work section by section, spraying each part with a styling spray before you apply the heat.  After you are finished, DO NOT brush the hair again; simply spray the hair with a setting hair spray and comb through it with your fingers if necessary.
If you curled your hair, brushing it will drag out the curls and leave your hair poofy rather than nicely curled.  If you straightened your hair, brushing could take away from the sleekness you worked so hard to achieve, as well as lead to static electricity.
Remember, your hair is an important part of your appearance and it’s important to take good care of it.  Use the proper styling tools and products, as well as the proper styling techniques each time you work with your hair