Healthy Hair While Pregnant

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Maintaining nice-looking hair usually isn’t very hard to do. There isn’t necessarily a routine to stick with when you want your hair to look great. Besides the fact that you need to wash it with shampoo and conditioner regularly, your hair doesn’t need too much treatment. However, there are certain times when you hair could use a little more attention than it usually does. One of those times is when you are pregnant. There are some do’s and don’ts you should follow when you are with child that will help create a healthier looking hairstyle.

Some things you should avoid doing include dying your hair, overdoing the use of your blow dryer or hair straightener, and washing it too often. Automatically when you are pregnant, your hair becomes dry and dull, unless you take prenatal vitamins. These will help you maintain a smooth texture and a shiny look because if fortifies your hair with silky moisture that is lost. Dying your hair is just plain dangerous when pregnant because of all the harsh chemicals that are in the dyes, which can harm your baby drastically. Washing your hair too much is a bad idea during this time because the purpose of a shampoo is to remove all dirt and oil from your cuticle. If you wash it every other day, you should be okay but if you continuously wash your hair at least once a day, you could be getting rid of your hair’s natural oil that keeps the hair smooth and silky.

Heat application can be a don’t in a way but it can also be a do. Now, since your hair is already dry enough, applying more and more heat to it by blow drying and straightening repeatedly will absorb even more moisture that you should want to retain. To avoid damaging your hair when pregnant, try lessening the application of heat to your hair with a few simple solutions. One thing you could do is towel/air dry your hair to cut down on at least one application of heat. Sometimes, people even try leaving their hair curly a few times a week so they don’t have to blow dry and straighten every day. And if you think about it, letting your curls bounce every once in a while will also save you some time in the morning when you get ready for the day. Ponytails and/or chic buns can complete any business look if you want to avoid using heat each day, as well.

There are so many great ways to keep yourself looking great when you’re pregnant. Even if you  may feel miserable, you don’t have to look miserable with the few simple and easy hairstyles that will help prevent heat damage in your hair. Maintaining a great style doesn’t have to be hard when you’re looking to retain moisture in your hair. Keep it polished and nice each day with a great method that your hair and your newborn will thank you for!

Flirtatious, Fun, and Fabulous Styles

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Hair shears are one of the most popular used items in the hair industry. They give a variety of use in our everyday lives and create such diverse styles when used correctly. Styles that are popular in our society are most fun to show off when you have great shears and a creative mind. When you can create a fun, new look for yourself, you can also pass on trends and make others look great too! So why not get some use out of those shears and get creative?

The use of hair scissors is so widespread because of all the new inventions for hairstyling. Now there are shears available for creating texture, trimming bangs, and even some specially made to be more comfortable when you use them. By using each of these, you can have the hottest hair when you walk into a room! Make all eyes be drawn to you by correctly using your razor for texturizing and your hair shears for trimming.

If you are looking for a cute and spunky look, the perfect kind of hair scissors for you is the razor. As scary as the name sounds, this tool will not damage your hair in any way. The main purpose of this tool is to remove bulk from your hair and create some layers that eventually make your hair have that feathery, light texture. These are especially great tools for short bob hairstyles and girls with thick hair.

Begin styling with this tool by clipping up your top layer of hair and picking out sections you wish to work with. Note that you shouldn’t use the razor on every piece of hair, as that will ruin the jagged look of uneven bulkiness. Use it only on sections of hair that seem to be excessively thick and in the way of keeping your hair in good taste. When you are ready to use the razor, start halfway down the section and run it up and down through your hair, not too fast. If you move the tool too fast it can remove too much hair that you cannot get back. After removing the desired amount of bulk, finish off the job by pulling the tool through your hair like a comb. This is a surefire way to gain cute layers and a texture that’s easy to handle when styling.

When it comes to the usual hair scissors, creating a new look is a little more complex. You must remember to be extremely careful and precise with your cuts. The razor doesn’t remove every strand of hair in the way like a pair of scissors does. Split up layers and sections in your hair as you did with the razor. If you are looking to go from extremely long hair to a short, above-the-shoulder kind of style, take precautions before you begin cutting. Be sure you are you trimming at a diagonal angle and not just straight across through the strands like you would cut paper. Slowly complete this process so you don’t make uneven cuts.

The variety of hairstyles can be created so easily as long as you use the right kind of hair scissors and you are paying very close attention to the way you are completing your look. Not only can you use your shears to trim your fly aways or quickly snip away little split ends; you can create a unique look that everyone will be envious of. Don’t be afraid to experiment, as long as you have accurate steps to completion.

The Importance Of Angles

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Did you know that trimming your hair more often actually makes your hair grow longer? It’s a proven fact that anyone who gets a regular haircut every six to ten weeks, will have longer and healthier hair overall. The reason for this is because you are “cleaning it up” regularly and giving it a fresh start to grow. After so long of styling and washing, your hair needs a little boost from all of the split ends that are created over time.

If you do get a trim every six-ten weeks you are in good shape for great looking hair. Using the right kind of hair scissors is where you should first begin in making sure you are cutting properly. However, one of the most important ideas of haircutting is trimming at the right angles. If you cut hair like you’re cutting a piece of construction paper, you can’t create a good basis for growth to start. This just ruins the ends since you are cutting at a straight horizontal line. Keeping the ends fine and equally trimmed is what will help your hair be healthy in the end, so keep an eye on how you are trimming.

Start by splitting your hair into sections, but you don’t necessarily need to tie any hair up to get it out of the way. Just use clips and pin 2 or 3-inch sections up on top of your head. Next grab the small section of hair you’d like to begin working with. I suggest you use a bottom layer of hair and make it  a 1-inch section. Amounts of hair that are too large will be harder to work with because of the bulkiness. Once you have your section of hair ready, you may begin the actual cutting process.

If you are right handed, hold your scissors in your hand and turn your wrist about 30 degrees to the left so your scissors are at  a diagonal. Do not turn your hair at an angle, hold it at a straight vertical line between your index finger and your middle finger. Now begin making your trims with your scissors at a 30 degree angle and be sure to make swift motions, do not cut too slow. Cutting through slowly will create uneven ends and mess up the technique you’ve started. When using the scissors, pretend like the blades are the mouth of pac man and they are eating your hair. This means you will move your hand back and forth as if you are going in and out of your hair like pac man eating his chips.

Repeat this process throughout each section and layer of your hair for a great trim. One of the best ways to get great hair is not through coloring it or straightening. It is through trimming, as long as you maintain the correct techniques. The things that will help you most are if you think of these words: diagonal and pac man. To keep your hair growing healthy, use your scissors to create great angles and make great cuts!

Basic Differences in Straighteners

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Of all the many kinds of hair straighteners available today, it may be hard to narrow down your choices. You may not know the differences between one or the other. It also can be easy to confuse the features of each and figure out which would work best for you. Everyone has different preferences on the best styling tool but when it comes to an everyday straightener that you want to last a long time and be able to tame your hair easily.

To be able to tell the differences in varieties you must take a look at the features and in the physical appearance. There are many types of flat irons. There are ceramic, tourmaline, and many more kinds of straighteners that all serve the same purpose: making your hair straight. The part that gets more complex is when you start comparing the ways each can serve their purpose.

When your hair goes to a dull, dry look you want to refreshen it so it looks shinier every time you straighten. That’s one of the main reasons women use flat irons is to keep frizz out and to get a more polished look. Say you’re looking into buying a ceramic straightener because all your friends recommended it to you.

The basic look of a typical ceramic iron is plates in the colors white, silver, or gold (mostly gold.) The texture of the plates will also be smooth most of the time and are cold to the touch when the iron is not plugged in. Some of the features included in a ceramic hair straightener include a 360 swivel cord on the end of the iron, a ready-to-use indicator light, and a cool tip on the top end of the iron. These features help make every experience with a ceramic straightener easy. The ceramic straighteners have very basic features and are known mostly for their simplicity and ease of styling. There are some kinds of ceramic irons that will allow you to do more but it all depends on the brand and how recent of a model the iron is.

Tourmaline straighteners on the other hand tend to be much higher in price than ceramics. Although they do look pretty similar to the ceramic variety, they tend to be smaller plates. The common width of the plates is usually one inch for the tourmaline irons. The technology used is slightly different as well, even though you can’t exactly tell that by just looking at it. The way tourmaline works is that compared to ceramic materials, the plates are made by crushed gemstones to create negative ions. This is a more natural way of reducing frizz and static. All in all, a tourmaline straightener has much more complex features and looks to it than a ceramic straightener.

Keep in mind all those fabulous tricks to look for and inspect when you purchase your next flat iron. It is always nice to be able to make an investment, as long as you know what you’re actually buying and what all the tools have to offer. Never settle for anything if it doesn’t have exactly what you’re looking for.

Cleaning A Straightener

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We all know about the great things a hair straightener can do for us. Between curling, straightening, and smoothing our hair, a hair straightener truly can work wonders to make us look like a million bucks. In order to keep hair looking great each time we style, though, we must take good care of our tool first. Hair wouldn’t look good without a great styling tool that is clean and in proper working condition.

If you think it’s hard to determine the condition of your hair straightener, follow this routine. You will easily be able to figure out the kind of care your straightener needs as long as you take the right precautions. First off, take a close look at the plates and search for any flakes that may be a burnt orange or white. If they are white flakes that means they are fresh and probably attached to the plates the last time you straightened. If the flakes are orange, they have been on the plates for quite a few uses and have become even more burnt each time you straighten.

These mysterious flakes appear after you straighten your with product in your hair like some sort of hairspray, thermal spray or any other cream or spray. After so many uses if you don’t remove the small shavings, your hair straightener will begin to smell each time you plug it in. If there is, in fact, something wrong with your straightener you will smell something like burnt paper mixed with fish. This is not good and if you don’t want the smell to transfer to your hair, you need to clean your straightener right away and discontinue use until you do so.

Now you need to prepare the straightener for a good cleanse. Begin by feeling the plates and making sure they aren’t too hot. If the plates are slightly warm it makes removing all build-up easier. But you don’t want it to be so hot that the iron burns your hands. If it is let it cool down for a few minutes and try again. Once it is lukewarm, you can begin scraping away all of the flakes and residue from all the hair products. It is very common to have all this residue on the plates and the easy way to remove it without scratching up the straightener is to get a warm wash cloth and scrub the area. Do not use any soap or cleaner as this could stain or remove the coating on the actually flat iron.

After all flakey product is gone, you can begin the actual cleaning process. It is important to use a new wash cloth so you’re not spreading around the flakes from the first wash cloth. Now spray the whole entire tool with a cleaning spray made especially for straighteners, found in beauty supply stores. If you can’t find anything specifically for straighteners, use small amounts of rubbing alcohol and a few cotton balls. If you sprayed the iron, take your new and warm wash cloth and wipe all product off until the iron is shiny and brand new! Be sure to concentrate on the “hard-to-reach” areas and dry the straightener off when you’ve completed this task.

Keeping up with your hair straightener really doesn’t have to be hard. As long as you clean it once a week and remove all residue from the product dried into your ends, you can save your luscious locks. Too much build up can create your hair to split as you straighten and will also give your hair a strong stench. To maintain shine and beautiful hair, repeat the above process and you’ll have great hair each day!

Titanium Hair Straighteners Vs. Ceramic

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A majority of women love to get themselves all dressed up for a night on the town. After a long day in the office or slaving away at home, they feel worn out and are ready to go out and just have fun. Whether that means date night or time away with the girls, one thing is for sure and that is the fact that they need a great hairstyle to show off.

Some women may need up to two hours to get themselves ready. Between make up and styling hair, it can be a pretty timely process to get “pretty.” With a titanium hair straightener, the process becomes hours easier and you won’t even realize it because of the great performance. The great features of this straightener will also make your hair look more stylish than with a ceramic straightener. Not only is time important but you want your styling tool (whatever it may be) to make your hair look freshly polished and shiny, not dry and broken.

One of the great benefits of titanium is that it is naturally enhanced with minerals to make your hair silky looking. It can be deceiving to see girls on T.V. who have perfectly shiny hair. Celebrities can make it look so easy to be glamourous for the camera, but when it comes to real life it’s not as easy. However, with the titanium hair straighteners, you can make styling be simple and quick.

Titanium can be easy to style with because it has many features that will please you each time you use it. One of the greatest things about the titanium iron is that it is made with infrared technology. This is what makes it look just like the celebrities you idolize because the purpose of infrared technology is to remove all static from your hair. This is how celebrities get their shiny, smooth look with no flyaway’s and this is how you can also do it!

Later you can consider the fact that while you are straightening your hair you are also locking in tons of moisture. This because of another kind of technology called Micro-porous technology. It is used in the straightener because its pattern of material is what creates a smooth texture. Because of the way it is made, the material on the iron glides through your hair and makes each individual strand of hair look and feel great.

Some of the greatest things in hairstyling are brought to you by the technology you use. You may not even know it but some of the technology used in your ceramic hair straightener is damaging your hair so much. When you create a mask for the moisture in your hair, like you do with a titanium straightener, you are protecting it from breakage and heat damage.

Keep your hair sealed and protected each day with a new titanium hair straightener. After the use of so much heat on your hair, you need a change for the better. With a titanium kind of material you will definitely lessen the damage done to your hair and will have healthy hair for a more extended time.

Beachy Waves With A Flat Iron

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Have you ever wanted to achieve the soft and subtle waves that your favorite celebrities pull off every day? Those women on the red carpet make their hairstyles look so easy but when you go to try out their tips, it seems almost impossible. Now, in a matter of ten minutes, you can look just as good as they do without all the goop and hairspray and hard work put in. And if you have pin-straight hair, not to worry! Any type of hair can achieve the beachy wave look, which can compliment any kind of outfit as a bonus!

The first step in creating cute waves is to pick out a celebrity inspiration to compare yourself to at the end of the process. A few great women to choose would be Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston, or Julia Roberts. Any movie you find them in, you are guaranteed to see at least one scene of them with their hair softly waved. Making it look easy is what they do best, because they’re just celebrities who get paid to look pretty! Now you can be just like them, though because you will also look beautiful.

Now it’s time to pull out that hair straightener, making sure to set the temperature dial/control slightly higher than usual. You need to do this because you aren’t just running it through your hair once to get a straight look; you’ll be holding the iron in one spot for a longer period of time. As it’s heating up, be sure to separate sections of hair out and prepare it for the heat coming up.

Once it is warmed up and you are ready to begin styling, you should take your first chunk of hair and choose a starting point. Depending how relaxed you want the waves look, you can start the waves near the crown or you can start them lower down on your hair near your ears. Waves that start higher up look more professional and styled while lower waves look a little more natural and soft.

To create these soft waves with your straightener, take the first section and clamp down the iron while you turn it ninety degrees to the left, creating your first wave in your hair. Repeating what you just did, move the iron down one inch and turn it ninety degrees the right. Twisting the iron in opposite directions down each section of hair will create the perfect beach wave. Repeat this step until all of your hair has been crimped.

Polish your look with some hairspray and you are good to go. Don’t forget to compare your style to your celebrity inspiration! As you can see, it is easy to recreate any style from the red carpet. All you need is a little motivation from your best friend, the hair straightener.

Training Your Hands

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No one ever said haircutting was easy. One of the hardest parts about styling someone’s hair is trying to get used to holding scissors the right way when making cuts. Some hairdressers actually end up with arthritis, tendonitis, or carpal tunnel because their scissors cause so much discomfort to them over the years. This is why learning how to properly use shears is so important and taught in so many beauty schools around the country.

Since a common use of scissors is for hairdressing/cutting, you should begin by training your hands to work in the right direction. Just because someone may think they can style hair well does not mean that they are perfectly fit for using shears. When you do use shears, it is extremely important that you move at a steady pace as you cut. Of course, years of practice help those hairdressers make it look easy, but if you learn the correct technique, you could also make it look easy!

Once a client comes to you, ready for a trim, you should always know what you’re going to do with the hair before you make any changes. After you know exactly what the client wants, you can begin trimming the ends. When you hold the scissors, tension is created within the fingers and hands because of the grip you hold on the shears. That is how the pain is caused when you are in one position with your hands for an extent of time.

The perfect way to train your hands is to use your hair scissors as much as you can. Although it may seem like using them more and more would cause pain, you are actually helping your hands and fingers get used to the feel of scissors being in the hands constantly. Think of it like breaking in a new pair of shoes. The fit won’t get any better unless you wear them for a while until they loosen up and get used to the form of your feet. This is just like the relationship between your hands and shears. At first it can cause blistering or cramping but that’s normal for the first few weeks of using a new pair of shears.

Another way you can train your hands for hair scissors is by purchasing a great pair that are known for their comfortability. The Kamisori line of shears is designed perfectly for those who are looking for a chic cut but also for those who need a pair of shears that aren’t going to cause any pain. The no-slip grip on the handle makes fast trimming come easy for stylists but at the same time, your hands won’t feel jammed into the holes of the shears. This makes the cutting process feel like a breeze and won’t cause any strain on the wrists or fingers.

Training your hands can be difficult at first because of all the tricks and techniques to remember when cutting hair. You have to remember to cut at certain angles, twist your wrist this way and that, and on top of all that you must remember how to hold the shears properly. Once you get the hang of things with your hair scissors, it becomes easier to handle as long as you have the right pair of shears that will accommodate your hands’ needs.