Safety For Shears

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If you think about protection for your hair scissors, you might think of cleaning kits or cases to protect from nicking the blades. Those two things are extremely important in hairstyling, but lots of stylists forget about mentioning how important an apron is too. Aprons seem like the last things that would come to mind with hairstyling but it’s surprising how many people wear and use aprons at hair shows.

There are a variety of shows on television now that are about hair dressers. If you ever watch the stylists go to wedding hair shows or if you witness it first hand at a show, you will definitely notice the number or scissors laying around. That’s right, there are none in sight. This is because so many people in today’s hair industry are looking for the best thing available and will do whatever it takes to get it.

When stylists get a new pair of shears they love to show of their features and all they can do. Everyone brings at least one pair of scissors to a hair show to help style but if there is one pair that may have better features than the rest, other stylists are definitely going to keep an eye out for them to be laying around. This is why stylists must be careful about everything they do with their shears when other stylists are around.

When you do go to a hair show, you may notice that there are no shears sitting around because they are either hidden or already stolen by someone else. Depending on how many years of experience stylists have, they know the best ways to protect their scissors when they perform at shows. After so many years of doing shows and knowing what other stylists are thinking, most hairdressers are good about hiding their shears in apron pockets, cases, drawers, etc. This is one reason why you may not see shears on tables or sitting unoccupied.

These precious tools are so expensive and valuable for any stylist. If you do attend a show anytime as a stylist, be sure you bring an apron so that between each and ever snip you can stick them right back into the pockets. To avoid any stolen hair scissors you must keep an eye on them and make them  your top priority when you are styling.


Can New Styles Damage Hair?

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Some people stick with a signature hairstyle like straight parted down the middle every day. Others might say their signature hairstyle is a messy bun on top of their head. When it comes time to trying a new hairstyle, you may find it neat all that your hairstyling tools can do! For example, a hair straightener can also create soft waves in your hair, depending on the technique you use. Some people are too nervous to try to curl their hair specifically with their flat iron because they don’t want to fry their hair. Is it true that you can cause serious damage on your hair?

Even though you aren’t necessarily straightening your hair, you can cause the same (if not more) damage to your hair with a straightener. Some people misuse the tool when they try to create the look of a natural wave because they aren’t using safe techniques. First, you must remember to spray your hair with a thermal spray, it is the key to preventing heat damage. When you spray your hair, two sprays on your top layer is not good enough. Tip your head upside down so your hair is falling toward the ground and be sure you hold the bottle six inches from your hair and use at least five spritzes. You should also be sure to allow a few minutes to let the spray soak into the core of the hair strands, because straighteners are extremely dangerous on wet hair.

Most people know that they should spray their hair to prevent the damage of heat but what lots of hairstylists don’t know to do is really keep an eye on the way you use your wrist as you twist the flat iron. This seems like a silly thing to pay attention to when styling your hair but the movement of your wrist and hands is crucial in preventing damage to your precious locks. As you run the straightener through your hair, twist the iron so that whichever plate is facing you currently will be facing the opposite direction. You must move swiftly so you aren’t spending too much time on one section of hair as this is what causes most heat damage.

As long as you are cautious with the way you hold your straightener, you will easily maintain clean and healthy hair. Effects of heat damage include sour smell in the hair, straw-like texture in the hair, and frizz surrounding the head. Keeping in mind the tips listed above, any hairstyle can be achieved with safety in mind.

Starlet Hairstyles

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Some of the hottest hairstyles come from celebrities who are just making their way into stardom. A great hair inspiration among the starlets is Selena Gomez. From full bangs to luscious waves, this teen pulls off any hairstyle she wears and makes it easy while she’s at it!

A perfect example of a Selena Gomez hairstyle is her pin straight look paired with voluptuous full bangs. Even though this isn’t one of her more common styles, it is common among teens these days. After one celebrity does their hair a certain way, trends begin to spread and become more popular among the teen generation. Teens who are looking for an updated look tend to turn to their styling tools. The only tool that can make this style a reality for your hair is your straightener.

The first step is to prepare your hair while it’s still damp by applying straightening cream followed by parting your hair down the middle. Next grab a blow dryer and a round brush to speed up the drying process. Using your round brush, comb straight down through your hair, careful not to twist the brush but just run it through the strands.

Do not forget to dry your bangs to make them look as full and bouncy as possible. Start by pulling back all of your hair, leaving just the bangs down and run the round brush through your bangs while drying them. This time it’s okay to spin the brush as you’re drying so that they form into a rounded shape. You may even want to begin the straightening process with your bangs while the rest of your hair is still pulled back. Straightening the bangs is done by a wrist technique. Starting at the root of your bangs, lift the straightener up and turn your wrist forty-five degrees to add that extra bounce.

In order to get the pin straight look your main element in creating this style will be your straightener. Begin with spritzing your thermal spray all over in your hair but make sure it is completely dry before you start the straightening process. Next separate your hair into sections so you can run the straightener through easily without tangles. The key to creating Selena’s style is to really focus on making each and every strand straight as a pin. To do this you will need to run your iron through your hair very slowly. While it does take time to create the extreme straightness, make sure you aren’t holding the iron on a certain area for more than three seconds.

As you can see your hair straightener is the most important part of creating a great Selena Gomez hairstyle. Selena has the naturally wavy hair that may be hard to straighten which is why she is the perfect inspiration for girls who have thick, coarse hair. As hard as it may seem, using your straightener will really help. The last thing you’ll want to do in order to keep the hold on your straight mane is to run wax slowly through your hair with your fingers. In less than thirty minutes you could be looking as stylish and chic as your favorite celebrities.

An Investment Towards Great Hair

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Styling your hair can sometimes be difficult when you are limited to what you can use. You’re always wondering do I have everything I need? Do I have the right straightener or the right brush or the right hairspray, etc? One tool that can make it very easy to accomplish what you’re looking for is the Corioliss hair straightener.

This straightener was created for those who are looking to style at home with ease. It is a salon based styling tool but turned to an at-home tool after receiving great feedback from professional hair stylists. It was founded in 2002 and has been chosen by salon professionals since then because of its liability to perform greatness.

One of the great benefits of this hair straightener is its titanium technology used in the plates. This type of element creates much less damage to the cuticle of your hair than any ceramic hair straightener would. This also means that those small burnt orange circles you might see on your ceramic iron come to an end on these plates because of the even distribution of heat.

Something most hair straightener inventors would never think of is safety. What’s so great about this tool is that it is advanced in its time in many ways including its sleep mode. This ensures safety and also conservation of energy in your home, saving you money each time you straighten! The sleep mode will kick in after thirty minutes of being on. The high intellectuality of this iron makes the electric current come to an end after this short time so it can prevent fires and save money.

Ever heard of tourmaline gems? You may not have heard of them when it comes to hairstyling. With these great Corioliss styling tools, tourmaline gems are fused into the plates. They are a natural source of negative ions (keyword: natural). The gems are used in the plates because they are a great way to prevent frizz when styling, releasing static and absorbing moisture.

What you should remember is that this kind of tool is an investment for your pocket. Although the Corioliss styling technology can be out of your budget, it is something you will never regret buying. After all, you’d probably rather have protected and shiny hair versus dry and frizzy hair that most other straighteners can give you.

Titanium Hair Straighteners vs. Ceramic

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Did you know that the tool you use every day for styling your hair contains damaging materials? Depending on the type of hair straightener you use, you could be causing major damage to your hair. Ceramic hair straighteners are known for heating up to extreme temperatures that can make your ends go dead very fast. It may be time to invest in a new straightener that won’t harm your hair to the extreme.

The newest thing to try in today’s high fashion society is the titanium hair straightener. Unlike most ceramic straighteners, titanium plates are used for many great reasons. One great benefit of the titanium is that it delivers an even distribution of heat so your hair gets straightened equally with each and every strand. You will noticeably tell a difference when using tools with titanium plates because your hair will look shinier and smoother rather than frizzy and dry.

Another benefit of this kind of plate material is the heat damage that can be prevented. When the plates are made out of titanium, they are also generating an infrared heat that will help seal in moisture, not suck it all out. In the long run, the negative ions used in the iron will help create a smoother texture and remove all frizz. This leaves you with a softer look that is irresistible and will leave everyone wondering how you do it.

When using the titanium hair straightener, you should still use your regular thermal spray. Although there is less damage caused by this kind of material, it is always important to protect your hair so you can keep that healthy look sealed in. Keep in mind that another great way to preserve your shine is to use a lower heat setting. It is advised that if you have curly, thick hair you should use one of the highest settings available. However, this is what causes the most heat damage to your locks so to decrease the harm, turn down the heat!

Keeping your hair in check with the hottest trends is so important these days. In order to do so, it’s time to update your styling tools. Begin with the great titanium hair straightener to get a great look faster and with less heat damage. The switch to titanium is one you will never regret!

Long Layering For Length

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If it’s time to update your style to a longer look, it’s time to try a new cutting technique. While some go for a bob with stacked layers in the back, others long for a way to make their hair look lengthened and sleek. It all starts with the way you use your hair shears.

The difference between long layering and regular layering is length. Regular layering is used to show depth in your hair and create an edgy look. Most women get their hair layered when they get a shorter cut because all of the different lengths that give hair some sort of texture. The main purpose of long layering is to help your hair grow longer, faster. Many women with shoulder-length hair like this technique most so they can get a great style in a small amount of time.

When looking for a longer look, the most important thing to keep in mind is what will compliment your features. Stylists say one rule of thumb is to make your shortest layer is no longer than chin-length. This is the most flattering look for your face, because it can make it appear longer. That’s why most stylists suggest long layering so that in the end you can have a nice look that will flatter your cheekbones and other features of the face.

Begin creating this look by separating your hair into three layers. Taking the top half of your hair, use a pin to hold up the first two layers. Taking one-inch sections, trim your hair like you normally would to remove all damaged split ends. Next, start the layering process by using your shears to trim the hair at a diagonal angle so you can get the full essence of a layer. You should focus most of your scissors’ attention on the back of the hair by the nape of the neck because this is where the hair grows the most.

The next step is to repeat the diagonal cuts, applying it to each layer. As you are moving through your hair, you may find lots of bulk or “heavy hairs” that can get in the way of the soft, layered look. This can easily be taken care of with a pair of thinning shears. Razor the took through your hair and the bulk is gone in a matter of seconds! This is a great finishing touch for your long layered look so you can focus more on growing your hair, not on growing split ends.

Updating Your Style Easily

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Does styling your hair ever seem to get boring for you? Sometimes after you do the same style of straightening your hair day after day, you need something fun. Not a whole new hairstyle but maybe just a couple tweaks here and there to change it up a bit. Using your straightener, you can now find some variety in your style.

One great look you could reach for is the “sleek and shiny.” When you straighten your hair daily, it can begin to look dry. The moisture needs to be revived so your hair can look shiny and smooth. To bring back that look your essential styling tool is straightening balm. There are many different kinds that will help you achieve your look. The key to the balm is to pace yourself; if you use too much your hair will look greasy instead of smooth. Begin by applying the size of a pea to your hair. When applying, you want to be sure you don’t start at the scalp because that’s where your oils come from. Start at the tops of your ears and run your fingers through the hair like a comb rather than rubbing it to avoid a greasy look.

You could also try turning down the heat setting on your straightener and curl your ends under. This creates a frame for your face and helps it look longer rather than wide and round. One thing to remember is that when you curl your ends under, you are applying more heat to the ends. This means you should use plenty of thermal spray on the bottom of your layers and you should also turn the heat down to prevent split ends and extreme heat damage. To pull off this look, place your straightener near your crown and draw a semi-circle in the air as you pull it down through your hair. This will create the illusion of a frame.

If your daily hairstyle is a pin-straight, sleek look it must be time to change it up! A little messy never hurt anybody! Grab your straightener and get ready to create a look that will get heads turning. Begin by spraying your roots with a root-lifting spray and run your fingers through the scalp area, scrunching it up to create volume. Next, straighten your hair by choosing sections here and there. For each section, you will want to twist them around your finger a few times and while you begin straightening the section, release the twist and pull the straightener through. After you have repeated this on all of the desired sections of your hair, use a quick spritz of hair spray to hold back unwanted fly aways.

If you’re ready for an updated look, grab your straightener and start styling. It doesn’t take too much time to complete a great look and these small tweaks will easily turn your everyday style to cute and edgy styles.


Proper Cleaning Techniques For Hair Scissors

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In order to get great results when trimming your hair you must take care of your hair scissors the right way. Whether you use them for a quick trim or for a big cut, cleaning them after each use is a must in order to keep them in great working condition.

Proper cleaning and care begins with a nice warm bath for the shears. Fill your sink with warm and soapy water, and place your shears in the water to soak. If you have more than one pair, be sure you clean one at a time to prevent cutting your hands and remember not to soak them for too long. Usually one minute in the warm water is long enough to remove all chemical residue.

Next grab a cloth and scrub all of the excess chemicals off of the blades. This will prevent sticking in between the blades and help the precision of each and every cut. Be sure to scrub thoroughly and get each crevice to prevent the appearance of rust on the blades.

Although it may seem unnecessary, one of the most crucial parts of caring for your hair scissors is drying them carefully. Using a lint-free towel, dry each blade by swiping the towel over it slowly and carefully. Do this only one or two times to prevent scratching on the blades. If you don’t dry your shears you could, once again, create rust and damage the scissors.

One quick cleaning tip that should be performed daily is the toothpick technique. Using one toothpick, circle the screw of the shears with the end to remove all hair shavings. After just one haircut, your scissors could have a dozen tiny pieces of hair built up in the screw that can cause the blades to stick together.

To finish off your cleaning method, lubricate is a great tool. Using this weekly will prevent rusting and build up of chemical grime. Apply one drop of oil on the screw of the blades and evenly distribute it by rubbing it along the blades. Next, swipe the scissors with a clean cloth and store them in a storage kit to prevent any scratching.