Summer Hair: Fun and Flirty is the Way to Go

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Everyone loves summer time!  From beaches to baseballs games, nearly every activity takes you outside for sun and fun.  This provides the perfect opportunity to show off your hot bod and sexy clothes, but what about your hair?  From dry heat to humidity, the high summer temps can wreak havoc on even those most faithfully cared for tresses.

The prevent damage to your hair, try to use your hair straightener only every other day in the summer.  Go for a flirty and fun pony tail as an alternative to your usual sleek style. Try this one:

  • A Big Bun - This daring look is perfect for date night or going out on the town with your best girlfriends.  Spritz your dry hair with a flexible hold hairspray and tease it all over to give it some volume.  Pull your hair into a high pony on the top of you head and secure with a strong elastic band.  Wrap your whole pony tail around itself and pin the ends down to create a big, loose bun.  Pull out random sections for a bit more daring and messy-on-purpose effect.

If you prefer a shorter style, consider a lighter cut for the summer months.  Ask your stylist about thinning shears as a way to take away some of the bulk and thickness and lighten your locks during those heated times.  Take a page out of Katie Holmes’ book and go for a wavy bob.  It’s low maintenance and great for keeping cool.

Don’t let hairstyling woes bog you down during the best time of year.  Make a few minor adjustments to your hairstyling routine and you’ll great all year long!

Stay Hot with the Hippie Headband Fad

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Kardashians rock the hippie headband look.

Hippie headbands are hot!  This fashion accessory can be worn in so many styles and for so many occasions.  Just follow a few easy tips and you’ll be headband heartthrob!

1.  Use a volume boosting shampoo to ensure you have enough va- va- va- voom to pull of this style.  After your shower, blow dry your hair upside down for even more voluminous resutls.

2.  Use a thermal protection spray to keep your tresses beautiful and healthy, especially close to the roots.  Use a 1″ flat iron to create loose curls:  Clamp a 1″ section of hair about an inch from the roots, wrap the tail of the hair around the straighener, make one full rotation with the straightener and pull to the end.

3.  Allow the curls to cool and then run for your fingers through them to create a wavy, tousled “messy on purpose” look.  Spritz the entire style with a flexible hold hairspray for long lasting results.

4.  Add those headbands baby!  Use just one or layer a few, no matter what you’ll look hot.