Using Your Hair Dryer To Style Your Hair

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Many women feel that their hair dryer is strictly for drying their hair, and forget that it can be a primary styling tool as well. Once your hair is dry a soft bristled round brush and an ionic hair dryer can make a great duo for creating volume in your hair. You can easily use the dryer and the brush to comb to flip the ends of your hair and add some bounce and spring to your hairstyle. Also applying the heat from the dryer while combing by your roots will create more lift and volume to your tresses than you may have had before. Do not be afraid to play around and see what kind of looks you can get with your hair dryer.

Hair Dryer Choices

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Girls today have a much wider selection on hair dryers than our mothers and other women had just a few short years ago. Old hair dryers that were available back then were essentially a coil that heated up when an electrical current was passed through it. This was then blown over the hair to dry it out, and dry it out it did, quite literally. These dryers were notorious for causing split ends, frizz, and other hair problems that made a girls tresses just not as good looking as they should have been. Sadly many drugstore hair dryers are the same now as they were then, so if possible avoid these dryers if you can.

Modern hair dryers utilize the knowledge that negative ions enrich hair and help it retain its own natural moisture. These come in either ceramic or ionic hair dryers and a few of these even add in the extra touch of tourmaline for even more negative ion infusion into hair for the absolute best blow dry that will leave your hair healthy if not healthier than before you used them. These dryers may cost a little more, but in the long run they are well worth the expense.

Avoiding Summer Hair Damage

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There are so many things that women expose their hair to some in the name of beauty and some just because we do not truly understand the damage which is occurring to our hair. To reduce the damage to your hair consider wearing a hat to reduce the amount of sun it is exposed to. Also consider adding a little baby oil to your hair before entering the pool to reduce the damage from chlorine. Make sure you are using the right temperature settings on your hair straightening irons and curing irons so that your hair is not exposed to any unnecessary temperatures.

Getting The Absolute Best Hair Dryer

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If you are looking for the absolute best hair dryer on the market than you need to be looking at the models, which utilize not only ceramic, but tourmaline technology as well. The ceramic is used in the elements, which heat the ceramic hair dryer; this is a much better choice than the metal that was used in the past since ceramic heats up evenly for better drying. While tourmaline, a natural gemstone, gives off lots of negative ions which when used with the ceramic helps keep your hair from drying out. This leads to healthier, shinier hair that will hold up better under lots of styling.

Avoiding Hair Damage

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Summer can be very hard on a girls hair so now that fall is approaching maybe you should consider steps to reverse the damage caused by the suns rays this summer on your tresses. One big step you can make toward healthier hair is a healthier blow dryer for your hair. Professional blow dryers actually not only keep from damaging your hair but models such as a tourmaline blow dryer will infuse negative ions into your locks to help them retain their own natural moisture. Your hairs own natural oils can do way more toward having a healthy shiny head of hair than any styling products available on the market.

Using A Diffuser On Your Hair Dryer

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You often are told it would be best to use a diffuser on the end of your hair blow dryer when you are drying your hair, but many women do not even know what one is let alone what one does in the drying process. The diffuser is an attachment that goes on the nozzle of the hair dryer and helps concentrate the airflow into a specific part of your hair. This is especially handy when your hair is styled or permed and you do not want to mess up the appearance of the hair.

Using Wet Dry Hair Irons

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Most girls have a hair styling horror story where they skipped they may not have gotten their hair completely dry, or flat out skipped drying it, and the styling iron scorched their locks leaving them damaged to some degree. We all have so many things going that it is hard to not want to skip some steps in the process to look good. Luckily drying your hair completely before straightening your hair is now something you can skip in the morning when you are running behind. The makers of some of the top professional hair styling tools have now come up with thermal hair straighteners, which can be used, on damp hair without the scorching effects that come with a regular hair straightening iron.

These irons are touted as wet to dry but you need to make sure your hair is not soaking wet when you start to use it. Generally towel drying by blotting the hair until water can no longer be wrung out will be sufficient before beginning to use the wet to dry hair irons that are available. These hair straighteners have special vents built in which get the moisture from the water in your locks away from your hair while they straighten. Making them very effective for both getting your tresses both dry and straight for a great hairstyle.

Avoiding Snags and Breaks When Straightening Your Hair

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One of the many benefits of using quality ceramic hair straighteners is the gentle way in which they work with your hair. Many cheaply made hair irons are not made with solid ceramic and inconsistencies in the surface will catch and snag your hair as you glide the plates down the length of each set of strands. This will result in broken damaged hair, which cannot be repaired resulting in the need to cut your hair in order to remove the broken unhealthy snags. Though ceramic hair straighteners may cost a little more in the end the health of your hair is worth every penny, especially if you plan on using the hair iron often.

Finding the Best Hair Straightener

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If you are looking for the best hair straightener iron on the market that will effectively straighten your hair with absolute minimum damage to your hair then you should look for irons made with quality hair materials. Better hair irons utilize titanium, which heats up quickly and efficiently as well as ceramic plates to be in contact with your hair as opposed to being against raw metal or cheaper ceramic coatings. These hair irons will also use infrared technology, which will help keep your hair healthier by infusing negative ions into your hair to help it retain its own natural moisture.

Taming Unruly Hair

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Styling shorter hair can sometimes be a little tough, little pieces are more likely to stick out and get unruly when your hair is shorter. One way to tame these unruly locks is to run a hair styling iron over your hair and get the cowlicks and other unruly pieces under control. These irons will heat up quickly and with a simple glides down the hair will remove the pieces, which are determined to give you a bad hair day. Whether you have short or long hair these hair irons are a great way to get your hair under control on days it has a mind of its own.

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