Sassy Bobs

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Bobs are coming back into style this fall but they are not the same short hair that your mom used to have. These bobs have all sorts of attitude thanks to the great hair styling tools that women have available to them now. Use a large barrel curling iron to give body to your bob, and then finish your look off by using a hair styling iron on your bangs for a fresh new look that everyone will love. The interesting contrast between the wavy bob and the flat bangs will create a look that showcases your face.

Keeping Long Hair Straightened All Day

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For women who have long very curly hair straightening irons are perfect for removing those curls and getting gorgeous straight hair. But if you have to put in a really long day sometimes your hair tends to get a little puffy and as the straight starts to go out and the curl begins to come back in. One tip to keep your hair straight longer is to place the part on the side of your head as opposed to the middle. This will place extra weight on the strands which will help hold down the strands to keep your hair sleek and straight.

Buying A Hair Dryer With Enough Wattage

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When you are shopping for a new hair dryer one of the things you should look other than ionic or tourmaline technology is the wattage rating for the unit. Professional hair dryers use 1500 to 1800 watts to dry hair quickly and efficiently. Cheaply made blow dryers have less wattage behind them and this allows the cuticles to curl up while you are drying resulting in frizzy hair that does not look nearly as good. Starting your hairstyle off with a proper dry can make the difference in looking your best or not.

Using Your Hair Dryer Properly

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Many women pay good money for top quality blow dryers such as a ionic or tourmaline hair dryer; but when they use them they do not use them correctly to get the best benefits of their professional hair dryer. These women just blow dry their hair as is and do not section it off into small easy to manage areas, thus keeping the air from passing through easily. By sectioning the hair off into smaller easy to manage areas the hair will dry much quicker and get the full benefits of the negative ions with the professional hair dryer.

Keeping Hair Healthy When Straightening

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For those with naturally curly hair who prefer to straighten their locks often, proper care should be taken to ensure the hair remains healthy and vibrant under these styling conditions. When shampooing your hair use moisturizing products as well as a leave in conditioner to help your hair be hydrated and healthy for the extra styling. Dry your hair section by section while using a soft large brush to beginning straightening the hair before you even get the hair iron out. Once dry finish straightening with a hair styling iron to get an absolutely stunning straight hair look.

Getting Runway Fabulous Hair

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Every girl sees the silky, shiny perfect hair on the fashion runways and dream of having hair like that, but give up hope since they do not have a top hairstylist at their disposal. There is hope for a girl who wants to take a little initiative to get this look because mere mortals like you and me can do it. A large part of this look is volume, and this can be achieved by using a large barrel curling iron and a volumizer product. If you want the hair to be straight yet still full after you add the body with the curling iron use a hair styling iron to straighten just the tips.

Of course the basis for your hairstyle should be a healthy head of hair so use professional hair products which are less harsh on the hair and rinse out better leaving your hair clean and ready to be styled. For the hair styling tools used to create the body and for straightening out the ends always use professional hair styling tools that are designed to infuse negative ions that will help your hair retain its own natural moisture and be healthy shiny and vibrant.

Getting That Tousled Long Hair Look

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One of the latest fashion trends for hair involves laid back wavy hair very similar to the classic beach look that comes natural to some lucky women. This look can be easily attended by most anyone though with a simple hair curling iron. It is best to use quality hair curling irons such as a ionic or ceramic based models which are so much better for your hair than the cheaply made drugstore models which have your hair against bare metal to curl the strands.

It is tempting to try and curl all of your hair to get this look and then hope you can mess it up enough to make it look natural. This is not the best way to get these carefree curls though. Use your curling iron to curl only random pieces of hair about two inches up from the bottom of the hair and stopping about eye level. These randomly created curls on only part of your head will give not only body but also the messy casual appearance that so many women want to achieve. This is one easy to get hairstyle that you will love to use your curling iron to create not only for work but also for a great night out.

Working With Long Hair

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Long hair is so beautiful but at the same time it can also be very hard to keep under control and looking its absolute best. You may spend time in front of the mirror and get it looking great but before the day is even half over it has lost its volume or is frizzy and out of control. One great solution is to use a hair straightening iron to create a long sleek shiny hairstyle. This is one simple to create and easy to maintain look that goes great with long hair. Of course using professional hair straighteners will have a much better effect on your hair and will be healthier and easier on your hair than irons of lesser quality.

Getting Better Volume With Thin Hair

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If you are one of the unlucky women who have naturally thin hair it is hard for you to get a good looking hairstyle with any volume and body that will remain in your hair past lunchtime. Women with fine hair usually find their best hair styles are shorter cuts which include layers which give them the most bounce and body for their naturally. Then from their it is easy to use a 1 inch curling iron to give the hairstyle a little more body and style. Just because your hair tends to be flat does not mean you have to leave it that way.

Changing Your Look By Changing Your Curling Iron

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Many women get stuck in a curl rut when it comes to styling their hair since they only own one hair curling iron. By adding a second curling iron into your hair care toolkit you can create so many more styles than with just one curling iron. Try adding a curling iron with a very small barrel, this will give you the ability to make lots of small tight curls in your hair for a totally different appearance than you usually have. This can be a much better alternative to a new look than buying a whole new wardrobe and a much more versatile one as well.

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