Curling & Straightening with a Flat Iron

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If you like to go back and forth between straight hair and wavy or curly hair you may be surprised to know that the only professional hair styling tool you need is a hair straightening iron. Most women think you have to have a curling iron and a flat iron if you want to achieve these looks, but with a professional flat iron and little practice you can achieve any of them very easily with just the flat iron.

The main difference in these looks is how you glide the hair iron through your hair. With all of the styles you start at the root of your hair and glide the ceramic hair iron slowly to the tip. Of course for straight hair you smoothly and slowly glide straight down the strands of hair. But for curly or wavy hair instead of gliding smoothly down the length of the hair you use a twist. This twisting motion will add a little bit of body to the curl, and the more you turn your wrist the more the curl will be pronounced in your hairs appearance.

Of course this sounds easy, and really it is. But as with most things you may not get it on the first try. Just keep practicing with your hair staightening iron and soon your friends will think you are spending a fortune at the salon.

Summer Hair

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Summer’s here and time to look sexy! Who doesn’t love a good tan, a nice slinky summer dress and a sexy hairstyle? Here are some of the popular summer hairstyles.


figure 1: Very casual wash and go look, good for at the beach when you can just swim and go.


figure 2: The easiest hairstyle in the world, up in a messy bun!


figure 3: This goes to show that even the shortest hair can still be put into a ponytail and look absolutely CUTE!


fig.4 – Keep hair out of your face with a hair band or scarf for an easy yet pretty summer hairstlye


figure 5: Just letting your hair down be seems to be the sexiest thing to do this year, I am seeming to agree!

Everything is about being casual this year, too much make-up is considered “last year” too much “hair-do” is simply too much work! Try going a little more casual this summer, there is so much more beauty when you just give what you’ve got! Try wearing a little bronzer instead of just baking your skin in the sun, you don’t want to age yourself faster than we already do!

Till next time, Good Luck.


Thermal Hair Straighteners

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Woman are told time and time again not to use curling irons or hair straightening tools on wet hair by the hair styling professionals, and then they throw us a curve by making a wet dry hair iron. So what gives? Are we supposed to not put heat on and style wet hair or not? It can be confusing!

Yes, the do not use hot styling tools is generally true and you should avoid it unless or course you are using one of these new thermal hair straighteners which are designed to get the job done effectively without causing damage to your hair. Once you try one of these wet to dry hair irons you will love them. Since they dry your hair while you straighten it to get the look you are after they are tremendous time savers. For women on the go this is a true time saver wrapped up as a professional hair styling tool. What makes it possible to use these hot styling tools on your wet hair are the many little vent holes which channels the moisture away from your hair. This keeps the iron from scorching your hair while allowing it so also straighten it out at the same time.

Choosing the best Ceramic Plates for your Hair Type

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Finding the right hair straightening tool for you can sometimes seem like a daunting task with so many different models out there and so many options for metals, ceramic plates, sizes, and so much more it can get confusing. Many of the great features on professional hair iron tools are really just a matter of personal preference. Such as ionic technology, it is not vital to have this feature that adds negative ions into your hair to help it maintain its health and vitality. But one feature that is more specific for each user that should be considered is the size of the ceramic plates on the straightener you decide to purchase.

Many people automatically opt for the one-inch plates, which is the sort of generic ceramic plate size for a hair straightener. This is usually a good choice but there are times and certain hair types that will call for a different plate size and for those circumstances the right plates on your tourmaline ceramic hair iron will get the bets results for the look your are trying to achieve. If you hair is very thick or very long then you will want to go with larger ceramic plates on your iron to accomadate the hair. While those with shorter or thinner hair will want smaller plates since they will have less hair to be working with and will need the more precise action. Of course any iron can get the job done, some are just better suited for your needs than others.

How to Have Healthy Hair by Eating Right

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Just like our skin it is all in what we take in our bodies that makes our hair healthy or not. I am often asked why someone’s skin looks so poor, and I am often right, it is in what you eat. It is the same with your hair. If you are putting junk food into your body how is anything healthy going to come out of it?


You can increase the health of your hair, skin and nails by a healthy diet, here are some examples. Now I know that flaxseed does not sound very appetizing but it is so beneficial in your diet.


You can sprinkle some on your cereal every morning as it provides essential fatty acids. Eat blueberries whenever you can they are amazing for your skin and hair, they are known to help in keeping that youthful appearance. blueberry.jpg

Take a handful of nuts with you to work or on a long drive, of course nuts are fattening but only when and if you eat them like they are going out of style.  But when you add only a little to a healthy meal they are very nutritious.


They fill you up so that the smallest amount will make you feel full, you don’t need much.  Eat as much fresh fruit as you can, your hair and skin love fresh fruit. Onions, broccoli, fish and sea vegetables are all good sources. Drink tea made from alfalfa, burdock root, dandelion, and yellow dock. Take Vegetal Selica and Horsetail vitamins, excellent for helping hair grow healthy and strong. Eat foods rich in biotin (Vitamin B7), it produces crucial enzymes.


Many people use Biotin to strengthen hair and nails. All of these “suggestions” will help maintain skin, hair and well just basic nutrition. What we put into our bodies is what we will see come out of our bodies in the long run.


Till next time Good Luck,


Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Straighteners

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If you are like me you see flat irons touted as tourmaline flat irons and you have no idea what tourmaline is and you have no clue why it is a good feature to have in a ceramic hair iron. Of course as with most things new when tourmaline was first added to hair straightening tools it was only on professional hair styling tools and it was very expensive to have. But like most things once the initial hype was gone tourmaline hair irons popped up everywhere at affordable prices so you did not have to be a professional stylist to get the benefits of this feature. Tourmaline is a semi-precious gemstone, which flat iron makers have incorporated into the ceramic plates on their hair straightening tools. Tourmaline ceramic hair irons are known for their amazing ability to generate negative ions, which help your hair, retain its own natural moisture, which is extremely important when using heat to style your hair on a regular basis. This will make your hair straightening iron more effective at creating smooth silky looking straight hair with no frizz that can make you look like a star with a permanent hair dresser even though you style your hair on your own in your own home.

How to Wave Hair

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We’ve all been out walking and noticed the girl with the lovely waves of hair, wondering how we could have hair like that.


Most girls have natural waves where they just wash and go. Some of us it takes a little work. A lot of styling products, scrunching, blowdry styling upside down. Most of the time we just go to the hair salon and get a body wave which at least lasts approx. 3 months. This type of body wave does dry out the hair a little more than just the blowdry styling, but at least it stays for awhile.


You could also use a larger curling iron, or you can add waves to your hair with a hair straightener. A 1″ professional hair iron will make great waves that hold all day. The bigger curling irons work great because you can chose how big you want your waves. I found that using the velcro rollers did not work so well, they don’t stay firmly in and therefore produce loose fitting waves.


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