Hair Straightener Before & After Photos

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Ana Writes;

My daughter, who is 10, has very beautiful hair but you know kids, never happy with what they have. She thinks it’s too ‘poofy’ and says the kids make fun of her hair so I decided to let her try a hair straightener. I chose the Karmin Hair Straightener after reading many great reviews and doing a lot of searching online. Needless to say, as you can see in the photos, my daughter loves how smooth and straight it makes her hair. I like the fact that it does not cause damage like those cheap flat irons do. It was a great price too!

Thank you from a Very Happy Mom!


2008 Oscars – Worst Hairstyles

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Ouch, sorry Girls!

Rene Zellweger



Cameron Diaz



Calista Flockhart



Jennifer Garner





2008 Oscars – Best Hairstyles

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Best Up-Do – Heidi Klum



Best Short Hairstyle – Katherine Heigl



Best Straight Hairstyle – Penelope Cruz



Best Curly Hairstyle – Amy Adams



Best Wavy Hairstyle – Diane Lane



Best Bangs – Jennifer Hudson



Karmin Titanium Before & After Pictures

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Just wanted to share a few photos I received from a couple of happy customers of the Karmin Titanium Hair Iron.

Shirley writes;

I am so happy with this hair iron! I have very frizzy, curly, fine and thin hair and was worried that straightening it wouldn’t help it much but it worked better than expected! I am very impressed and really like how it adds shine and makes the overall appearance of my hair look healthier. Thank you! S.S.

P.S. Excellent Customer Service and Fast Shipping!

shirley-before-and-after-2.jpg shirley-before-and-after.jpg

Kayla Writes;

This Flat Iron is fantastic! I have long layered hair and like to slightly curl the ends of my hair under to show off the layers. The Karmin makes my hair so smooth and shiny, it looks fabulous and NO frizz!! Thanks!!!!


Trish Writes;

I never thought I could ever actually have straight hair, it has always been extremely curly and frizzy. I was using so much gel my hair was getting so dried out and looked horrible. I bought the Karmin Hair Straightening Iron and I can’t believe how much better my hair looks, it actually looks healthier! It is so soft and best of all, no more hair gel! Thanks My Hair Styling Tools for introducing me to my new best friend!


Tracy Writes;

Hello, and thank you, thank you for inspiring me to style my hair on a regular basis! I have very long hair, it is fine but I do have a lot of it. My hair has a natural wave to it that I never became accustomed to. I have tried many different hair straighteners but was never satisfied with final results. I pondered the thought of actually investing more money on “just one more hair straightener!” After reading all positive reviews on your hair iron I thought why not! Not only was I not expecting to receive it in such a short time but when I used it, I thought I would cry. I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror and running my fingers through my hair. I am so incredibly pleased with my purchase that thanking you just doesn’t seem like enough…but THANK YOU…..


Win a Karmin Titanium Hair Iron!

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We are giving away 3 Karmin Titanium Hair Straighteners valued at $99.99 each!

Here’s how it works -

Become a fan of by March. 22nd Midnight and you will be entered to win. Simple as that!

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Good Luck!

Erin Professional Hair Tools

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Where to Buy a High End Hair Straightener

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I often find this is a common question amongst those searching for a professional hair iron. Where do I buy a high end Hair Straightener? The question that usually follows is, for a decent price?

There are a couple of options and it all depends on how you prefer to shop. You can go to a Salon and see what they have in stock although for a high end iron you can expect to pay a high end price.

You have the choice of buying online as well and this opens up a huge window of choice. With so many different brands on the market to choose from buying online can be a long process of searching and researching. The benefits of buying online are that you can usually find a better deal, read hair straightener reviews and see before and after pictures of the end results.

If you decide to go ahead and purchase online keep a few things in mind such as making sure you are buying from a secure site, read the return & guarantee policy for the item you are purchasing and it is always a good idea to look for customer reviews and hair straightener iron testimonials as this can say a lot about both the item and the website your are purchasing from.

You Ask – What Type of Hair Straighteners do Professionals use?

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After speaking with a few professional Hair Stylists about what makes a great hair straightener I found I got many repeat answers. What it comes to down to is features and the quality of the hair iron.

A quality hair iron was definitely the biggest ‘must have’. After all stylists are depending on there styling tools to last through hours of use and provide nothing but the best results for their customers.

A quality flat iron will most likely have the desired features as well. These features include;

  • adjustable heat temperature
  • a swivel cord to prevent tangling
  • true ceramic or titanium plates
  • flash quick heating

You may also want to check out -

‘Top 7 Reasons Every Woman Needs a Professional Hair Iron’

You Ask – What is the Best Hair Straightener that Curls?

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When it comes to choosing a hair flat iron that you also plan on using to curl your hair there are a few things to consider in order to get the best results.

Although the brand of your hair iron won’t necessarily determine on weather you can curl with it or not, a professional hair straightener is recommended for a few reasons. One being that it will reach a higher temperature thus providing a better hold for curls on all types of hair. For other reasons why a professional iron is recommended please For other reasons why a professional iron is recommended please see our Top 7 Reasons Every Woman Needs a Professional Hair Iron.

A hair straightener with plates that are 1″ – 1.5″ wide are going to do the best job at curling your hair. If the plates are too wide you will have a hard time getting the flat iron to curl your hair.

1″ Plates

How to use your hair straightener as a curling iron.

How to get Shiny Silky Hair Using a Flat Iron

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Who doesn’t want to know how to get smooth, shiny, silky, frizz free hair?

I sure do and I’m certain you do too!

If you have a good hair straightener your results should be smooth, shiny hair that is frizz free and healthy looking. What causes these results are the negative ions released during straightening your hair. All flat irons will be different and some may emit more negative ions than others but along with some other hair styling products you can get shiny silky hair using your hair iron.

Heat Protectant Styling Aid – Not only is this a must have hair product if you are using a hair iron, curling iron or blow dryer but choosing the right one can help you achieve the silky, smooth and shiny results you want.

Some great products include;


Sexy Hair Concepts Smooth & Seal – fights frizz, humidity and leaves hair super shiny and smooth.


Redken Styling Satin Wear – reduces breakage and friction, leaves hair silky and shiny.


Bumble and Bumble Styling Lotion – strengthening vitamins help to reduce breakage, lightweight and leaves hair shiny and manageable.


Frizz Ease Thermal Protection Hair Serum – minimizes color fading ads shine, protects against heat styling and UV exposure.

Some natural ways to add shine to your hair include;


Strawberries and Mayonnaise – make a hair mask by mashing 8 strawberries and mixing with 1 tablespoon mayo and apply to clean damp hair. Cover hair with a shower cap and then a towel warmed in the dryer and leave on for 15 -20 minutes, rinse, shampoo and condition hair as normal. Leaves hair super glossy!


Brunettes & Red Heads – add a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to your rinse water for super shiny locks.


Blondes – add a few table spoons of lemon juice to rinse water to add shine.

You ask – Can I Iron my Hair Straight?

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Using a clothes iron to iron your hair is an old fad and should stay that way!


NEVER use a clothes iron to iron your hair! Not only will this cause some major damage to your hair but it is extremely dangerous!

If you want straight hair a Professional Hair Straightener is the best way to go. A flat iron is designed to straighten your hair a clothes iron is not! Also, always remember to use a heat protectant styling aid before using any type of heated styling tool.

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